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Good Things Come in Small Packages #31DaysOfLove

Good Things Come in Small Packages #31DaysOfLove

Eat Local

When I heard that Dough was now offering mini doughnuts, I think I did a few celebratory back flips. As a lover of doughnuts, mini versions of the classic fried cake ring are even better as I can eat more than one without feeling guilty.

photo courtesy of Dough

As 2016 is drawing to a close, I plan on indulging in a few minis this weekend with my own “minis.” Both of my kids are doughnut lovers and are equally excited that one of our favorite places has given us yet another reason to go and visit.

photo courtesy of Dough

With Florida Strawberry season upon us, I can’t wait to see what Dough has planned. Always innovative and ahead of the rest, I am sure we will be seeing that luscious red berry starring in many sweet creations, such as these mini strawberry shortcake doughnuts below.

photo courtesy of Dough

I am giving away a dozen mini DOUGHnuts and the winner will be able to pick them up at Dough. To enter, click on the link below. Good luck!


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  1. Megan
    December 30, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    A chocolate drizzle would be great!

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