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Caffe Fresco, a Downtown Gem #31DaysOfLove

Caffe Fresco, a Downtown Gem #31DaysOfLove

Eat and Drink

I love Instagram. It connects me with so many wonderful people and places in Tampa Bay. Recently I began following Caffé Fresco and all of their pictures were literally making my mouth water. Located in the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa, Caffé Fresco is an adorable spot that caters not only to the corporate world but to foodies like me.

photo courtesy of Caffe Fresco

I was finally able to check Caffé Fresco off my “Tampa To Do” list this past Friday and was really impressed by their selections. They have 2 spaces in the Bank of America building, one of which offers grab-and-go lunch items, coffee, assorted beverages and more. Walking in brought a smile to my face because it reminded me of when I worked in an upscale cafe located in an office building in my hometown of San Jose, California. I loved making lattes and breakfast sandwiches each morning for all of my favorite tenants and then seeing them again for lunch. I made so many friends that I still keep in touch with today. Caffé Fresco really reminds me of that period in my life and I loved seeing how so many building tenants and visitors we beaming with happiness while grabbing something to eat.

photo courtesy of Caffe Fresco

They also have a fantastic marketplace with tons of great food and retail items, This Pumpkin Brûlée frozen yogurt really caught my eye and if I wasn’t headed to a meeting right after, I would have had some right there on the spot.


As if the pumpkin yogurt was not enough, I turned my head and began to salivate as I spotted Whatever Pops. I have only had the pleasure of trying them once before and was hooked. I love that they put such an emphasis on local and this is just one of the many things that makes them so dang special.


Just when I thought I couldn’t find anything else to make me swoon, I spotted these gorgeous candles and just had to pick one up to take home. Available in so many luxurious scents, I opted for Pink Champagne since it will match my bedroom’s champagne theme. I am telling you, Caffé Fresco is an amazing mini-marketplace where you can satisfy your taste buds as well as do some holiday shopping.


Do not get me started on all the other retail items they offer. I am already doing shopping for 4 people on my list at their marketplace. These shot glasses are going to a very special friend of mine who hopefully won’t be reading this.


I will be going back to visit them later this week for lunch and will be sharing my experience. In the meantime, they are generously giving away your choice of a panini or pint of gelato. Trust me, this is something you do not want to miss out on. Simply enter the drawing below and I will let you know if you are the winner.

If you are ever in downtown Tampa, be sure to stop by Caffe Fresco. You can thank me later. 😉

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  1. Tia | Pennies In My Pocket
    December 6, 2016 at 8:24 am

    I live near downtown, I should check out this place. Thanks for sharing.

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