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My Favorite Weekend Roux-tine

My Favorite Weekend Roux-tine

Eat and Drink

I will find any excuse to drink champagne before noon and brunch is the perfect reason. Last weekend I made it back to Roux to try their new brunch menu and was, once again, blown away by not only the food but the service. My friend and I opted to sit in the bar rather than wait for a table and not only did we immensely enjoy our experience, I was able to catch the Steelers/Packers pre-season game. Our server was Ana, and I must say, she was on point. As someone in the hospitality industry, I am quick to recognize impeccable service. She made us feel right at home and thoroughly went over some of her favorites and pointed out the happy hour specials. Buy one get one Mimosas and Bloody Marys, 1/2 draft beer and wine by the glass, 1/2 off select appetizers and $1 oysters. I can’t think of a better place to enjoy brunch so close to home.

Back in June, I met a few blogger friends for brunch and my long-time photographer friend, Bobby Azmitia, captured a few photos. Up until this past week, my camera has been up in Gainsville (long story), so I have been relying on my iPhone for photos. You will notice that some of the photos in this post are not as good as the others but hey, they will still make you drool.

The bar at Roux is my favorite, as it evokes memories of my visits to New Orleans. Once you step inside Roux, it is like stepping into another world. Below is a picture of the bar just before opening for a Saturday brunch. Once they open, finding a spot can be hard as this has become the hot spot for brunch in South Tampa.

The calm before the storm, photo by Robert Azmitia

One of my favorite items at Roux is their skillet cornbread. I will spend an extra hour at the gym just to enjoy this savory blend of sweet cornbread with streusel topping. I can’t go to Roux without ordering some and it tastes even better later as a midnight snack.

Roux Iron Skillet Cornbread, photo by Robert Azmitia

Now, my nickname is not champagne girl for nothing and I always partake in a few Mimosas, but last weekend I decided to have a Bloody Mary made with New Amsterdam Vodka, Datz-A-Mary spice mix and Cajun spices. Holy shit was it good! As I sipped on my Bloody Mary and enjoyed their Florida Alligator Bites, I truly felt happy. The last two years have been pretty hectic for me with work and I have not had much time for myself, let alone dining out and blogging. Did I mention that their Bloody Marys are BOGO on the weekend? Two is always better than one and I was more than ready to dive into another while watching the Steelers game.

Bloody Mary

The first time I had lunch at Roux, which was sometime last year, I had their Shrimp Po’Boy. I don’t know what it is about this sandwich but it seems to get better each time I try it. Maybe it is the housemade French bread or the remoulade blanc or the simple fact that everything that comes out of their kitchen is just SFG. (ha ha, you can figure that out, if not, so f-ing good) This is a must when dining at Roux and pairs exceptionally well with a Bloody Mary or my favorite brew, Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan.

Shrimp Po’Boy, photo by Robert Azmitia

Every since I saw the movie, My Cousin Vinny, I have been obsessed with grits. Their version is perfected with pan-seared Gulf shrimp, creamy cream cheese grits and Abita beer gravy. Just as “no self-respecting Southerner would be caught eating instant grits”, I can’t go to Roux without ordering them. Try them and thank me later.

Classic Shrimp & Cream Cheese Grits, photo by Robert Azmitia

When in NOLA, a hurricane is a must and Roux doesn’t disappoint. Crafted with The Kraken Rum, Bayou Silver, orange juice, passion fruit puree, pineapple, lime and bitters, the Hurricane at Roux is sure to blow you away. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Hurricane, photo by Robert Azmitia

All this writing has made me hungry, I think I better head over to Roux for brunch. Happy Sunday Funday. Cheers!

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