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Brews With Attidude 2015

Brews With Attidude 2015


Can you think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night, or any night for that matter, sampling some of the best craft beers on the market? I certainly can’t and that is why I am counting down the hours until I can attend Pepin Distributing’s Brews with Attitude Craft Beer Fest on May 12th. With over 100 beers to sample, food trucks galore and live entertainment, Brews with Attitude is shaping up to be one of the hottest events of the year. I, for one, am personally excited because as the bar manager at EATS! American Grill Winthrop, I am blessed to be able to serve so many of these brands and have had many opportunities to meet several of the brewers. There is a massive list of breweries that will be featured and below is just a small portion of what you can expect.



Brewery & Brand List


FL Ave Ale – American Wheat Ale: Brewed with a hint of citrus that gives it light tasting and super freshing finish ABV 4.7%

FL Ave IPA – India Pale Ale: designed for the hot and humid Florida climate; dry hopped with Cascade hops for a crisp clean finish and floral taste ABV 5.6%

FL Ave Blueberry – Fruit Beer: American Wheat Ale with a hint of blueberry, provides a delicious, thirst quenching blueberry flavor that’s not too sweet ABV 4.5%

FL Ave Maple Milk Stout – Sweet Stout: Sweet start with an abundance of maple flavor with a roasted and slight bitter finish. Notable flavors of chocolate, maple and a soft mouth-feel from the oats ABV 9.5%



Old Elephant Foot – India Pale Ale: Highly hopped, medium bodied ale; bittered by generous portions of Northern Brewer & Centennial hops; finished with Cascade and dry hopped with more Cascade and Centennial ABV 7%

Reef Donkey – American Pale Ale: Dry hopped using a secret selection of hops giving a lemon/lime aroma and citrus & slight tropical fruit flavor ABV 5.5%

True Blonde – Blonde Ale: Exceptionally light colored, light bodied ale with a smooth, crisp, slightly citrus finish and slight hop nose ABV 5%

Hop Hoarder – Imperial India Pale Ale: Generously hopped with fistfuls of Magnum, Centennial, and Chinook ABV 9.8%


3) BIG STORM BREWING COMPANY – Odessa, FL                    

Wavemaker – Amber Ale: Well balanced with caramel malt flavors, subtle floral presence and pleasant hop bitterness ABV 5.8%

Arcus – India Pale Ale: Well balanced easy drinking IPA brewed with 2 row American pale ale malts; dry hopped with whole cone cascade giving an intense citrusy hop aroma. Local honey added at the end of the brewing process gives a subtle sweetness for a clean finish ABV 6.9%

Palm Bender – American Pale Ale: Sweet & Citrus aroma and mellow hop bitterness, warm spice added by Grains of Paradise; balanced by sweet caramel malt flavors and finished with hops from the Yakima Valley 5.9%

Firestorm Black IPA – Black India Pale Ale: Full bodied India Black Ale with a dark, roasted malt backbone, a strong hop aroma, and aggressive bitterness. Pours jet black with a thick mocha head. There are hints of chocolate, caramel and hops on the nose ABV 7.2%


4) COPPERTAIL BREWING COMPANY – Tampa, FL                   

Free Dive IPA – India Pale Ale: A bright malt backbone paired with loads of citrusy hops. Low bitterness with an intense Citra, Azacca hop aroma. Super dry, clean finish ABV 5.9%

Unholy Trippel – Belgian Style Trippel: Based on the classic Belgian Trippel; fruity, funky notes from the Belgian yeast combine with west coast hop aroma to provide a smooth drinking beer that packs a punch. ABV 9.5%

Night Swim Porter – American Porter: Rich, roasty & luxurious with hints of chocolate ABV 5.7%

Wheat Stroke – American Wheat Ale: Maximum use of wheat in the grain bill with hints of Florida citrus and a touch of coriander in the boil ABV 4.8%

Oxtail – Saison: Collab with Oxbow Brewing

Brews Banner – Double IPA: Just like the Hulk himself, this monster double IPA contains a lot of mean green hops. With 9lbs of hops per barrel, this beer is deceptively drinkable ABV- 10%


5) PAIR O’ DICE BREWING COMPANY – Clearwater, FL                         

Hop Bet Red – American Red Ale: Medium body with grapefruit & floral notes; nice hop character that is balanced with a caramel malt backbone ABV 6.5%

Lucky Lucy – Stawberry Blonde Ale: Brewed with local, Plant City strawberries, this seasonal ale has the pleasant aroma of strawberries on the nose and supple flavor or strawberry on the palate while still being light, dry and refreshing with a slight tart finish ABV 4.8%

Stickman Double IPA – American West Coast Double India Pale Ale: Bright aromatic hops, pours clear golden color with aromas of grapefruit & pine. Medium body with a nice hop bitterness that balances out the beer ABV 9%

Mexicali Jalepeno Lime Pale Ale – Pale Ale: Brewed with fresh limes & jalapenos; notes of spicy jalepeno followed by a refreshing, light bodied pale ale full of citrusy lime and fresh pepper flavors ABV 6%

Lowball Session IPA – Session India Pale Ale: Light bodied hop bursted session IPA that showcases piney, resiny and tropical fruit notes of Mosaic hops; pours clear & golden with aromas of passion fruit and pine ABV 4.5%

Lil Joe Stout – Oatmeal Stout: Medim body with a nice, creamy mouthfeel from the oats; flavors of bold roast coffee, dark chocolate and toffee ABV 6.3%



Pirate Booty – Mead: Orange Blossom Honey Mead ABV 10%

Kalypso (Key Lime) – Hard Cider: ABV 5%

Savvy – Hard Cider: ABV 5%

Beetang Mango – Mead: Mango & a hint of Habenero ABV 10%

Cabia White Sangria: ABV 10%

Sevora Red Sangria: ABV 10%

Oscuro – Double Brown Ale: ABV 9.3%

I Yam What I Yam – Sweet Potato Ale: ABV 6.4%

Dolphin Drool – Pale Ale: ABV 4.7%


7) 3DAUGHTERS BREWING – St. Pete, FL                                                

Beach Blonde – Blonde Ale: Unique in flavor with just enough hops to balance out the sweetness of the malt. Refreshing, light with a golden hue & citrus finish ABV 5%

Bimini Twist IPA – India Pale Ale: Unfiltered, copper colored IPA with intense citrus and floral hop aroma and flavor that is balanced by sweet caramel malts with a clean hop bitter finish ABV 7%

Channel Marker Red – American Amber Ale: Medium body, caramel richess and balance toward malt than hops; coppery brown in color, followed by a moderate caramel flavor that is balanced and smooth ABV 5.9%

Summer Storm Stout – Oatmeal Stout: Pleasing blend of dark roasted coffee balanced with semi-sweet chocolate; accentuated with lightly toasted oatmeal flakes; Dense & creamy texture, smooth body and slightly dry finish ABV 5.2%

Coffee Blonde – Blonde Ale: Deep gold color and thin, white head; aromas of richly roasted coffee followed by a slight hop fragrance; clean malt flavor with a balance of coffee, hops & sweetness ABV 5.5%


8) RAPP BREWING COMPANY – Seminole, FL                                   

Gose: a sour, salty, non-filtered wheat beer style that almost went extinct. Originally brewed in the German city of Gosler and now predominantly brewed in Leipzig. Very refreshing and flavorful! ABV4%

Hefeweizen: a traditional German wheat beer- light in body, effervescent, a hint of banana and clove and a light hop character. ABV 5.3%

Berliner Weisse – made with the finest Pilsner and Wheat malts and noble European hops, this beer undergoes a lactic fermentation prior to normal fermentation yielding a light tart refreshing beer. ABV 3.2%


9) BOLD CITY BREWERY – Jacksonville, FL                                 

Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale – Brown Ale: Brewed with Fuggles and Willamette hops; has hints of chocolate and caramel with a smooth nutty finish ABV 6%

Killer Whale Cream Ale – Cream Ale: Light, crisp and refreshing with no bitter aftertaste; brewed with Crystal hops ABV 5.5%

Mad Manatee IPA – India Pale Ale: Well-balanced American IPA loaded with high alpha acid hop varieties of Columbus, Amarillo, Crystal and Chinook giving a nice herbal aroma and citrus finish ABV 7.5%

1901 Red Ale – Red/Amber Ale: Brewed in remembrance of the Great Jacksonville Fire of 1901; loaded with a healthy dose of roasted barley ABV 7%

Archie’s Rhino Rye – Pale Ale: Medium bodied & brewed with Rye Malt providing a distinctive flavor; brewed in honor of Jacksonville’s oldest breeding white rhino in the US. ABV 6%


10) BIG TOP BREWING COMPANY – Sarasota, FL                           

Ashley Gang Outlaw Imperial – Double India Pale Ale: High powered IPA with a smooth finish ABV 9.8%

Circus City IPA – India Pale Ale: Unfiltered hazy hue color, euphoric aroma with great taste and smooth yet hold hoppy finish ABV 6.8%

Intercoastal Amber – Amber Ale: Laced with British hops, this copper amber has a nice toasty aroma and fresh malt character ABV 5.2%

Trapeze Monk – Belgian Style WitBier: Citrus infused, highly carbonated Belgian with a pale and cloudy body and crisp finish ABV 5.1%


11) DARWIN BREWING COMPANY – Bradenton, FL                    

Summadayze IPA: West Coast India Pale Ale – Golden in color, notes of citrus and grapefruit, a pungent hop aroma with slight bitterness ABV 6%

Pirata Pilsner: Pilsner – Authentic German Pilsner brewed with the combination of noble hops from Bavaria ABV 4.9%

Circa 1926 Tangerine Wheat: Tangerine Wheat Ale – Refreshing American Wheat Ale brewed with orange, coriander and citra spices ABV 5.2%

Charapa Spiced Porter: Spiced Porter – Brewed with Amazonian Aji Charapita peppers, Annatto, Florida Orange Blossom honey and Amazonian Cacao ABV 7%


12) MOTORWORKS BREWING – Bradenton, FL                     

VTwin Lager – Amber Lager: Copper colored with light body; moderate, but firm bitterness to balance out the rich Vienna malt taste ABV 4.7%

Indy IPA – India Pale Ale: Golden colored with medium body; flavors of grapefruit and orange with piney notes ABV 7%

Midnight Expresso – Coffee Porter: Brewed with generous amounts of dark caramel & chocolate malts; medium bodied with chocolate and prevalent coffee notes in aroma and taste; Deep brown color with dried fruit flavor finish ABV 5.5%

Rollcage Red – American Red Ale: Deep amber colored with medium body; flavors of citrus and herbal hop notes with a rich malt backbone and drying finish ABV 6.5%

Cruiser Kolsch – Kolsch Style Ale: Pale, straw colored with light body and medium bitterness and dry finish with a soft fruity sweetness ABV 5%


13) AVIATOR BREWING COMPANY – Fuquay Varina, NC                    

Hog Wild IPA – India Pale Ale: A golden brew made with Pale Ale & Vienna malts; dry-hopped with Magnum, Willamette and Amarillo for a very hoppy & refreshing ale ABV 6.7%

Wide Open Red – Irish-Style Red Ale: Feisty and a bit hoppy with malty sweetness that ends with a dry finish; Roasted barley gives a nice deep red color and blackened roasted grain flavor and great taste ABV 6.1%

Devil’s Tramping Ground – Belgian Style Trippel: Pours golden and finishes sweet; hops are added to balance out the sweetness ABV 9.2%

Crazy Pils – Czech Style Pils – Brewed with German pilsner malts and plenty of great hops from Saaz to Hallertau Mittelfruh ABV 5.2%

Mad Beach – American Wheat Ale: Brewed with half barley & half white wheat; added spice and sweet orange peel ABV 4.8%

Bonehead India Brown – Hoppy Brown Ale: Brewed with Columbus, Chinook, Amarillo Gold & Cascade hops combined with generous amounts of chocolate malt ABV 7.9%


14) ROCHESTER MILLS BEER COMPANY – Rochester, MI                   

Rochester Red – Irish-Style Red Ale: Deep red-colored featuring a rich, malty flavor profile, medium body and a low level of hop bitterness for a smooth, great tasting, easy to drink beer ABV 5.9%

Pine Knob Pils – Czech Style Pilsner: Light golden in color and crystal clear; brewed using the highest quality ingredients to deliver the crisp, refreshing and flavorful taste with prevalent hop notes with a clean bitterness and floral flavor & aroma ABV 5.3%

Cornerstone IPA – India Pale Ale: Unfiltered amber color with hop bitterness, flavor & aroma. Dry hopped with Centennial hops for lots of flavor and citrusy aromatic finish ABV 6%

Milkshake Milk Stout – Sweet Stout: Brewed with the combination of 4 different malts, along with a low hop level creates a deep dark beer featuring rich, sweet roasted flavors. The addition of lactose (milk sugar) adds complexity, body and residual sweetness lending a smooth creamy texture ABV 5%

Newtons Alechemy Double IPA – Double India Pale Ale: Brewed with a calculated “mountain of hops” which gives the flavor of Pure Michigan Cascade grown hops; smooth bitterness derived from the power of Magnum hops; Finshed with dry-hopped additions of Citra & Calypso hops for complex fruity, citrusy aroma ABV 8.8%

Snow Dazed – Strong Ale: Full bodied Winter Strong ale with full flavor and good balance of malt and hops ABV 10.5%

Tongue Tied Cherry Saison – Belgian Ale: Traditional Belgian-style saison ale brewed with over a thousand pounds of both tart & sweet Michigan cherries. Unfiltered, slightly creamy with pale reddish amber color; distinctive flavor of lemon, orange peel and coriander, slightly fruity and refreshing ABV 6.2%

Bourbon Milkshake Stout – Sweet Stout: Milkshake Stout barrel aged in bourbon barrels


15) OMISSION                                                                                     

Pale Ale – Bold & Hoppy, hop-forward American Pale Ale brewed to showcase the Cascade hop profile; Amber in color with floral aroma complimented by caramel malt body ABV 5.8%

Lager – Refreshing & crisp brewed in the traditional lager style ABV 4.6%


16) BLUE POINT BREWING COMPANY – Long Island, NY         

Toasted Lager – Amber Lager: Copper in color with a balanced flavor or malt & hops making an easy drinking beer with long lasting smooth finish ABV 5.5%

Hoptical Illusion – India Pale Ale: Delicious, resiny, citrus-burst balanced by a malty backbone yielding an intense, golden ale. ABV 6.8%

Mosaic Session IPA – Session India Pale Ale: A light straw-colored, West Coast version showcasing serious aroma. Brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Centennial hops that lend strong tropical fruit characteristics to light body and dry finish ABV 4.8%

Summer Ale – Golden/Blonde Ale: Golden taste and color comes from a substantial portion of wheat malt added to a traditional barley malt mix which gives a unique tartness ABV 4.4%


17) WIDMER BROTHERS BREWING – Portland, OR                    

Hefeweizen – American Style Hefeweizen: Original American Hefe with bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas ABV 4.9%

Hefe Shandy – Bright, refreshing sessionable ale; Original American Hefeweizen with a bold new citrusy aroma and flavor from lemon drop hops and natural lemonade flavor ABV 4.2%


18) GREEN FLASH BREWING COMPANY – San Diego, CA         

West Coast IPA – Double India Pale Ale: Brewed with Simcoe for tropical fruit & grapefruit zest, Columbus for hop pungency, Centennial for pine notes & Citra for citrus zest and Cascase for floral aroma ABV 8.1%

Hop Head Red – Double Red India Pale Ale: Amarillo dry-hopped exuding qualities also from Warrior & Nugget; full-bodied caramel malt based makes a blissful union of Double IPA & Red Ale ABV 8.1%

Le Freak – Belgian Style Imperial India Pale Ale: Hybrid of a Belgian Style Trippel and American Imperial IPA; Amarillo dry-hopped, bottle-conditioned with a fruity Belgian yeast aromas and firm dry finish ABV 9.2%

Palate Wrecker – Imperial India Pale Ale: brewed using 6 pounds of hops per barrel with a complex double-brewing process of mashing and sparging with hopped wort and special layering techniques ABV 9.5%

Soul Style IPA – India Pale Ale: Orange golden in color with floral, tropical aromas of mango, clementine and hint of orange blossom honey; flavors of mellow pale malt sweetness with pungent hop flavors and grassy notes for a lingering but clean bitter finish ABV 6.5%

Jibe Session IPA – India Pale Ale: Yellow golden color with fresh, woodsy pine, eucalyptus and Oroblanco grapefruit aroma; flavors of verdant hop leaves with a lean body and crisp mouthfeel ABV 4%


19) REDHOOK BREWERY – Seattle, WA & Portsmouth, NH        

Seedy Blonde – Fruit/Radler Beer: Refreshing and drinkable with flavors and aromas of apples from Washington State; Dry finish, slightly tart and balanced with Pale & Caramel malts ABV 5%

KCCO Gold – Lager: Brewed with Resignation Brewery & the; clean crisp lager with notes of honey and biscuit with a golden hue and full flavor ABV 5%

Audible Ale – Pale Ale: Mild amber color, light-medium body and modest Cascade hop aroma with balance & a clean finish ABV 4.7%

Longhammer IPA – India Pale Ale: Dry Hopped to give its characteristic bitterness, piney citrus aroma and flavor; medium body with crisp finish ABV 6.5%


20) KONA BREWING COMPANY – Kailua Kona, HI                       

Longboard – Lager: Crisp, pale gold later made with few choice malts and aromatic hops brewed in traditional lager style ABV 4.6%

Firerock – Pale Ale: Copper coloed ale made from roasted malts and a selection of premium hops with a smooth Hawaiian style ABV 6%

Castaway IPA – India Pale Ale: Copper colored with bold, citrusy flavor with a touch of tropical mango and passion fruit balanced by rich caramel malts ABV 6%

Big Wave – Golden Ale: Lighter bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor that is smooth & easy drinking ABV 4.4%


21) ROCKY MOUNTAIN WILD CIDER – Firestone, CO                 

Pineapple – Hard Cider: A delicate cider with well rounded mouthfeel; aromas of pineapples with hints of vanilla and butterscotch ABV 5%

Berry – Hard Cider: A robust cider on all levels, the berry boasts a lustrous burgundy red hue with highlights of ripe blackberries, raspberries and elderberries ABV 5%

Pina Colada – Hard Cider: ABV 5%

Apple – Hard Cider: A crisp, balanced cider full of mouthwatering aromas of juicy red apples and hints of tropical fruit ABV 5%


22) SWEETWATER BREWING COMPANY – Atlanta, GA               

420 – American Pale Ale: West Coast Style Extra Pale Ale accentuated with a stimulating hop character; brewed with 2 row, munich and 40L malt and a heady dose of cascade & centennial hops ABV 5.3%

IPA – India Pale Ale: Dry-hopped for intense hop character with generous quantities of premium hops; unpasteurized and unfiltered ABV 6.3%

Blue – Wheat Ale: Light bodied with a hint for fresh blueberries ABV 4.5%

Road Trip – India Pale Pilsner: Brewed with Lager yeast at Ale temps using Sterling hops & Pilsner malt ABV 5.2%

420 Fest Dank Tank – Double India Pale Ale: 100% Marris Otter Grain for clean, malty profile and brewed to yield a full body to balance the high hop bitterness; flavors & aromas of grapefruit, lemon, herbal, black currant & mint ABV 8%

Hop Hash – Double India Pale Ale: brewed with pure hop lupulin meshes seamlessly with the 2-row, pilsner & wheat malts, allowing it to deliver a pungent punch to the palate ABV 7.8%



Right O Way IPA – Session India Pale Ale: Refreshing & easy drinking with citrusy hop and floral aromas with the addition of lightly kilned malts and moderate hop bitterness ABV 4.5%

Helles Summer – German Style Lager: Brewed with 3 varieties of hops & malts with a bready and slightly herbal aromas and biscuit, malty and noble hop balanced flavor ABV 4.6%

2XPresso – Sweet Stout: Thick, full bodied Double Milk Stout brewed with Coffee beans and lemon peels with aromas of rich coffee, roasted malts and subtle citrus ABV 7.5%

Hop Sun – American Wheat Ale: Brewed with 1 variety of hops & 3 malts with a light hop aroma of lemon rind and pine; flavor is hop & malt balanced with a pleasantly bitter finish and light sweetness ABV 5.1%

Live – Bottle Conditioned Pale Ale: Created by making a liquid rich fermentable wort which is then moved to a fermentation vessel where yeast is added; yeast then converts the soluble sugar to alcohol making the beer literally “alive”. ABV 5.5%

2012 Vintage Oatmeal Stout – Imperial Sweet Stout: Aged gracefully for 3 years in Southern Tier’s climate controlled warehouse developing rounder and more even flavors and aromas of oat malt foundation


24) VERMONT HARD CIDER – Middlebury, VT                              

Gumption – Hard Cider: Golden hue with medium body and light carbonation; tastes of sweet apples up front, finishing dry with bittersweet notes and fresh sweet apple aroma ABV 5.5%

Summer – Hard Cider: Slight tartness with a full robust flavor followed by a rich taste of New England blueberries ABV 5%

Hopsation – Dry Hopped Cider: Bright pale straw hue with medium body and light carbonation; tastes of fresh apples blended with the spiciness of cascade hops; sweet fresh apple, citrus hops and grapefruit aroma ABV 6.9%

Pink – Hard Cider: Light pink in color with light carbonation and fizzy apple refreshing finish with strong crisp apple taste accompanied by floral & citrus hints ABV 5.5%

Wyders Barrel Aged Reposado Pear – Hard Cider: An adventurous tango with the classic blue agave based spirit; traditional Wyder’s Pear infused with a smooth subtle oak laden tequila notes ABV 6.9%

Ginger – Hard Cider: Combines a crisp apple flavor with the sharp taste of ginger and citrus undertones

Topsy Turvy – Hard Cider: hopped up some fermented cider with fresh whole cone hops and left it unfiltered. The hops play perfectly off The dry profile from the bittersweet apple varieties, bringing with it a punch of both citrus and pine.  It’s enough hop to leave you a little turvy.

Pineapple Coconut – Hard Cider: tastes like rum up front, and then kicks in coconut.  The buttery pineapple aromas are reminiscent of a pina coloada, and the fresh apples make for a crisp and fresh finish


25) MAGIC HAT BREWING COMPANY – S.Burlington, VT           

#9 – Pale Ale: dry, crisp, refreshing not quite Pale Ale with a slight fruity flavor ABV 5.1%

Dream Machine – India Pale Lager: Light copper color with citrusy hop aroma with smooth hop bittereness and fresh, bold and slightly spicy taste with mild malty finish that is crisp ABV 5.7%

Electric Peel – India Pale Ale: Grapefruit IPA with citrus hop flavors, medium malt body amplified by a grapefruit peel with a bittersweet finish ABV 6%

Stealin’ Time – American Wheat Ale: Hazy colored summer ale with light malt sweetness, balanced by hops and a pinch of ginger ABV 5.5%

Big Hundo – Imperial India Pale Ale: Tipping the scales at the absolute peak of bitterness with the heady hop aroma of Apollo & Simcoe and a flattering dark golden body ABV 9%

Feast of Fools –  Stout: Raspberry Stout ABV 6%


As you can see, this is a must attend event for beer lovers. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. I have a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky reader. To enter, simply follow the instructions below. Winner will be selected on 5/11 at midnight. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


**Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to this event as a member of Tampa Bay Bloggers.


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