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Perk Up Your Morning at Perk’s Donut Bar

Perk Up Your Morning at Perk’s Donut Bar

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Is there anything better than a donut? As a little girl, my favorite Saturday morning ritual was heading to the local donut shop with my dad to pick up donuts for the family. Those warm glazed donuts that melted in my mouth absolutely made my day. As a mom of two little donut lovers, I have continued that ritual with my kids as we continuously eat donuts all around Tampa Bay. This morning I decided to scope out South Tampa’s newest donut shop, Perk’s Donut Bar, and felt like a little girl of 6 again. The scent of donuts filled the air as I walked in and immediately brought back sweet childhood memories. Located in a cozy strip mall at 2109 South Dale Mabry, Perk’s is a wonderful new addition to Tampa’s Bay’s evolving food scene.


Walking into Perk’s, for me, is the equivalent of walking into Tiffany & Co. The signature blue color of America’s premier jeweler adorns the walls and all you can think about are the little jewels that you get to take home in a box. I decided to grab 1/2 a dozen to take back to my coworkers because I am such a sweet girl. 🙂  Besides, how else could I sample so many luscious flavors without looking like a donut addict?

1/2 Dozen of Glory

The incredible thing about Perk’s is that you will not see trays of pre-iced donuts sitting on display for hours just waiting to be devoured. Each donut is handcrafted to order and your taste buds will surely notice the difference. I chose one of their signature donuts (below), which was their Gingerbread Crumble. A vanilla iced donut with gingersnap crumble and marshmallow drizzle, it was pure bliss.

Gingerbread Crumble

One of my coworkers enjoyed their Chocolate with Raspberry and my mouth was watering and she savored every bite. She said it was the perfect combination of chocolate decadence and sweet raspberry.

Chocolate with Raspberry

My personal favorite with their Maple with Bacon. Yep, BACON! Truly irresistible, this donut is so good it should be illegal. Sweet maple paired with smoked, crunchy bacon, it is like the Rolls Royce of donuts. My friend enjoyed hers so much she wanted a second.

Maple with Bacon

When I saw that they offer a Lemon with Coconut, my eyes lit up like a Tiffany diamond. Two of my favorite flavors, I am saving this little gem for a late night snack this evening paired with a glass of champagne. Don’t judge, it’s an incredible combination.

Lemon with Coconut

In addition to their brilliant array of decadent donuts, Perk’s serves two of other favorites, Buddy Brew Coffee and TeBella Tea. My wish for a cozy, neighborhood donut shop has finally come true and I am anxious to meet the owners to thank them for doing such a wonderful job.

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