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Eat Creative at Roy’s

Eat Creative at Roy’s


This California girl has fond memories of my first time eating at Roy’s on Pebble Beach. Although I was young, I was awestruck by the decor and ambiance. While I do not remember what I ate, the presentation of the food and the beauty of the restaurant left a lasting impression on my young self. Upon moving to Tampa ten years ago, I was delighted to see that Roy’s had a location here and to this day, it is one of my favorite dining destinations.

You can imagine my disappointment when I was invited to attend a media dinner at Roy’s a few weeks ago to celebrate their new Eat Creative menu and was unable to attend at the last-minute. Saddened, I asked my friend and talented photographer Rebecca, of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts, if she could attend in my place. It was important for to me to be a part of this event because of the history I have with Roy’s and how it relates to “My Other City By The Bay.” Rebecca kindly took my place and from her feedback and the delicious photos, I was able to eat and drink vicariously through her and her camera lens. Roy’s is on my list for dinner in a few weeks and I can’t wait to indulge in their new menu.

Everyone was greeted with Pacific Rim Cosmotinis which set the tone for a night for their renewed culinary focus which showcases Pacific Rim cuisine with inspiration drawn from Japan, Hawaii, Thailand, Australian cuisine along with French cooking techniques.

Roy's Restaurant - Pacific Rim Cosmotini
Pacific Rim Cosmotini, Source Roy’s

Guests nibbled on edamame and sipped on cocktails while getting to know each other. Little did they know what incredible dishes were in store for them that evening.


Ebi Roll, photo by Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts
Misoyaki Butterfish Lettuce Wraps, photo by Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts

I never pass on ordering a salad before dinner and their Maui Wowie Shrimp Salad with feta, butter leaf lettuce, avocado and caper lime vinaigrette not only sounds but looks intriguing.

Maui Wowie Shrimp Salad, photo by Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts

Crispy Pork & Steamed Buns with Green Apple Slaw and Red Dragon Sauce was another highlight of the evening. These are featured on their Bar Bites menu during their Aloha Hour and are the perfect for a relaxing evening after a long day at the office.

Crispy Pork & Steamed Buns, photo by Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts

With fall just around the corner and football season upon us, comfort foods are calling my name. Roy’s Signature Maine Lobster Pot Pie is the epitome of “feel good food” and will captivate your taste buds with its blend of fresh Maine lobster, English peas, potatoes, Honshimeji mushrooms and pearl onions.

Roy’s Signature Maine Lobster Pot Pie
Roy's Restaurant - Alaea Salt Crusted Bone in Ribeye
Alaea Salt Crusted Bone in Ribeye, Source Roy’s

Although I was not able to attend this intimate media dinner, I was able to eat vicariously through Rebecca’s photo lens and am looking forward to my next dining experience at Roy’s. Much like a little black dress, Roy’s never goes out of style and will always be one of Tampa Bay’s most elegant restaurants.

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