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Hot, Sweet & Spicy Wings at Yard of Ale #Wingsday

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Happy Wingsday! My post today is short and sweet, like me. 😉

This afternoon I ventured over to SoHo and tried wings at Yard of Ale. Believe it or not, it was my first time there. Known, of course, for their beer selection, I have had heard about their fantastic wings, which are oven baked rather than fried, and was finally able to make it over for wings and a nice cold club soda. (I wanted beer but I had to get back to work). I am a huge fan of oven baked wings since they are a much healthier alternative to fried wings. Yard of Ale offers their wings tossed in your choice of Hot, Buffalo, BBQ, Teryaki, Garlic Butter or Sweet Chilli. I asked the bartender for her recommendation and she suggested the Sweet Chili mixed with Hot. Sold.

My wings came out and I wasted not time digging into the piping hot basket of guilty pleasure. The juicy, tender meat practically fell off the bone and was seasoned just right. I was hoping for a little more sauce, as they were not as spicy as I was would have liked, but nonetheless they were good and I finished the whole basket. Service was great and I will be back to try another sauce. I looked over the rest of their menu as well as their beer selection and am anxious to return when I have more time to relax and enjoy an adult beverage. They also have a mac and cheese dish that is calling my name. 😉


Hot Sweet Chili Wings
Hot Sweet Chili Wings


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