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Truffle Mac ’n Cheese, Yes Please #MacNChzMonday

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Mac n’ Cheese Monday is back and I can’t think of a better place to feature this week than The Smoke Shack in South Tampa. Nestled in front of Garden of Eatin’ on South Westshore, you will find their smokin’ trailer which has become a permanent fixture and well-known spot for locals, as well as those who travel from afar, for some of Tampa’s best BBQ. Having sampled many of their menu items, I am completely smitten with The Smoke Shack. On my first visit, when I saw that they had a truffle mac n’ cheese, I grew weak in the knees and began too salivate. I ordered it along with a few other items such as pulled pork, baked beans and collard greens. Since I have been living in Florida, I have become quite fond of Southern classics, especially collard greens. The Smoke Shack did not disappoint and I shamelessly polished off both sides before digging into my main course of truffle mac n’ cheese.

Collard Greens and Baked Beans
Collard Greens and Baked Beans

On this particular day, the sky was almost black and the wind was blowing so hard I felt like I was going to be swept away.  As squeeze bottles of various sauces and paper menus were flying around, I didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop me from digging into a luscious dish of truffle mac n’ cheese. Suddenly, the wind died down and the sun began to peek through the dark skies, casting a beautiful glow on my mac n’ cheese. It was almost as if God was giving me his blessing and I was happy to oblige. I stuck my fork in and as I scooped up a piping hot pile of cheesy decadence, the scent of truffle oil filled the air and I closed my eyes to take my first bite. The warmth of the savory macaroni heated my entire body and I was in a blissful state of culinary joy. The taste sent chills up and down my spine and I proceeded to eat every last bite. This, my friends, was simply orgasmic. Not caring who was watching, I licked my fork and dish completely clean and asked for another order to take home and savor later.

Do yourself a favor and go there now. Do it.

Truffle Mac ’n Cheese
Truffle Mac ’n Cheese

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