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Curried Coconut Wings + Kurrant Bramble = 1 Happy Girl

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I love Wednesdays. Not only are we halfway through the work week, I get to share my wingtastic finds with you. Since I am always looking for unique variations on chicken wings, I was über excited to try the Curried Coconut Wings at Anise Global Gastrobar in downtown Tampa. My dream came true last week and they were everything I hoped for and more.

If you have not yet been to Anise, I suggest you make it a point to visit very soon. From the beautiful decor to the inventive, handcrafted cocktails, Anise is a wonderful addition to the Tampa dining scene. My friend Justin, who just so happens to be one of the most bad-ass bartenders in town, works there and once he makes you a drink, you will fall in love with his creativity, passion and precision.


My visit to Anise was part of Dishcrawl owntown Tampa, so I have not yet had the chance to explore much on their menu or sample many of their cocktails, but what I have had so far has been nothing short of spectacular. Bartending is my passion, and I love how Anise showcases some of the best cocktails in Tampa with their talented staff. Just take a look at this Kurrant Bramble which is a twist on Dick Bradsell’s cocktail that was first featured at Fred’s in London in the early 1980’s. This sexy libation features one of my favorites, Damrak, with fresh berries served over crushed ice and laced with Crème de Mure & Cassis.


Kurrant Bramble

I will be dining again at Anise in a few weeks, so for now I want to share their wingdiculous Curried Coconut Wings. Sticky and sweet with a bit of heat, the chicken just melted off the bone. I really wanted to order more, but since I was the hostess with the mostess, I had to resist the temptation and save it for another visit.

Curried Coconut Wing

I must say, Anise has really won me over with this dish alone. What could be better than handcrafted cocktails and a tropical twist on a comfort food classic? Served with cucumber mint yogurt, these wings showcase a beautiful blend of flavors and are, without a doubt, finger-lickin’ good.


Curried Coconut Wing

Anise is truly a gem in Tampa and my palate is looking forward to my next visit.

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