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Mango Habanero at Buffalo Wild Wings

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Well, next week marks my official one year anniversary of #Wingsday and oh what a year it has been. After 51 weeks of eating wings, you would think I would be tired of them but in actuality, my hunger for wings has grown even stronger. Today’s feature was not planned, in fact, I ate these wings back in March and forgot that I had taken a few photos. Today was a very busy day and while I was trying to find time to go out and get wings,  I found pictures on my phone of  Mango Habanero Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor. Voila! I had my weekly post. 🙂

My first visit to Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor was back in March. I was in the area for meetings and had thirty minutes to grab a quick bite before my next appointment. I popped into Buffalo Wild Wings which had recently opened and headed to the bar to order some wings.


I was impressed with their wide selection of sauces that includes tempting choices such as Jammin’ Jalapeño, Asian Zing, Thai Curry, Mango Habanero and Spicy Garlic to name just a few. Always wanting something different, I went with a “snack size” portion of  Mango Habanero. The order was the perfect size as it included 5 wings, carrots, celery and my choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese.


While the service was stellar, the wings were just “ok” and didn’t really rock my world. I found the flavor to be average but did not have enough kick. I was hoping for a nice sweet flavor that would end with heat, hence the habanero, but found the sauce to be very mild without any pizazz. If I had more time I would have tried another sauce but since I was on a time crunch I had to eat my wings and leave. I will definitely go back and give them another chance. The bartender was fantastic and I was impressed with their large draft beer selection.

All in all my visit was pleasant, I was just not blown away by the wings.

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  1. RedSails
    June 27, 2013 at 12:25 am

    Go to Hattricks!

  2. Charlotte
    June 30, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I think their Asian Zing are more flavorful, but not really that spicy. Best wings I ever had were at Tampa Brewing Company in Carollwood years ago. They are no longer there. The one in Ybor is different.

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