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I Just Can’t Get Enough of The Dunedin Smokehouse Wings #Wingsday

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You know a place is going be good if you can smell the deliciousness a block away. A few weeks ago I headed to Dunedin with my kids to spend the afternoon strolling along Main Street. We parked close to The Dunedin Smokehouse and as soon as we stepped out of the car, the scent of mouthwatering BBQ made me weak in the knees. I knew where we would be having lunch and I was anxious to try their award winning wings.


The Dunedin Smokehouse is a not only a local favorite, it has fans all over the greater Tampa Bay area. I have been hearing about their incredible BBQ for years and they have been on my list of places to visit for quite sometime. This was not my first visit, as I had been in just a few days prior to try their mac n’ cheese. As expected, their mac ‘ cheese was fantastic and I was anxious to dig into their menu. While I was enjoying my mac n’ cheese, I saw numerous awards on the wall and learned that they had won the Dunedin Blue Jays wing contest three years running for best overall wings. How cool is that?

So let’s get down to the good stuff. My kids and I grabbed a table and I excitedly placed my order for wings. No sauce was required as these wings are incredible on their own.


Smoked and then finished on the grill, their wings are exactly what I have been searching for ever since I began my weekly wing feature almost a year ago. For the last 50 weeks, I have been trying wings all over Tampa Bay every week and these really knocked my stilettos off. Not only are they big in size, they are big on flavor.


There is something about smoked wings that I just love. The flavor reminds me of lazy summer days spent grilling with friends. I managed to finish each and every wing and although I was completely stuffed, I was extremely happy. While the wings do not need any sauce, I sampled some of their Habanero Hot and it was fantastic. Spicy with great flavor, it was a great addition to the wings.


I have found a new favorite place for BBQ and can’t wait for my next trip to Dunedin.

Until next week, Happy Wingsday!

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