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My New Sanctuary: The Library Coffeehouse

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As much as I love working from home, sometimes I like a change of scenery and coffee shops are always at the top of  my list. Many friends had been talking about a great place in South Tampa called The Library Coffee House and after hearing about their fantastic espresso drinks, I immediately looked them up online to view their menu. One particular drink caught my eye, which was their Cafe Borgia.

A rich blend of espresso with orange extract, honey, steamed milk and whipped cream, I was quickly reminded of the first time I had a Cafe Borgia in Seattle about twenty years ago. I loved the combination of the orange and honey with the espresso and whenever I see a Cafe Borgia on a menu, I order it. I stopped by one morning after dropping off my daughter at daycare and was pleasantly surprised at this adorable place that is so close to home.


Located at 3201 S. Dale Mabry, The Library Coffeehouse is a friendly neighborhood cafe that serves not only fantastic espresso drinks, they also offer a spectacular menu of with breakfast, lunch and pastry selections. When I stopped in for my Cafe Borgia, I had already had breakfast so I decided to stop in later for lunch. I chatted with the owners and felt very welcome. Nothing is better than visiting a place and being made to feel right at home.

As planned, I returned later that day for a bite and started off with a Lemon Ginger Iced Tea while I pondered over the menu selection. The tea was fantastic and really hit the spot. I love ice tea and always enjoy flavors other than just regular. It was the perfect beverage on this particularly warm day.


My friend Bobby had joined me for lunch so we each chose something that would be easy to share. We decided on the Smoked Gouda Sandwich and their Balsamic Chicken Salad. The Smoked Gouda Sandwich comes on your choice of bread with smoked Gouda, pesto, tomatoes and red onions. I chose Cuban bread and it was fantastic. Smoked Gouda is one of my favorite cheeses and I love how it blends with the pesto. This sandwich is simple yet filled with incredible flavor. I prefer simple sandwiches and this was just perfect.


The Balsamic Chicken Salad was just as fantastic. A blend of chicken breast, grapes, Craisins and apples, tossed with light balsamic vinaigrette and served on a bed of romaine lettuce, it was a beautiful combination of flavors. You can also order this as a sandwich and I will be sure to try that version on my next visit.


When I came by in the morning for my Cafe Borgia, I saw that they had several other interesting coffee specials such as a Lavender Latte and a Rosemary Latte. Rosemary is my weakness, so I just had to try it. As the latte was brought to my table, the scent was intoxicating. Perfectly prepared, it was one of the best lattes I had enjoyed in quite sometime.  As I sipped on my latte and worked on my computer, I felt completely relaxed. It was nice to be at such an inviting place and I actually felt more productive.


I highly recommend The Library Coffeehouse and can’t wait to return.


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  1. Jennifer Alderfer
    June 12, 2013 at 11:45 am

    I have heard rave reviews of The Library from my friend Jeff, I didn’t know they had food though!

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