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Dunedin Brewery Wings #Wingsday

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It finally happened. After weeks of eating chicken wings I found a place that really rocked my world…..Dunedin Brewery. I have been spending a lot of time in Dunedin recently as I get ready to host the debut of Dishcrawl  in this charming town on June 11th. (Grab your tickets here). After living in Tampa Bay for ten years, the fact that I have never been to Dunedin until recently is just blasphemous. Filled with fantastic restaurants and charming shops, Dunedin reminds me a lot of some of my favorite towns in California.


I have never been much of a beer drinker and until recently, the only time I would have a beer would be at sporting events or while enjoying Mexican food. My interest in craft beer has peaked and I am learning as much as I can while visiting some of Tampa Bay’s local breweries. After hearing so much about Dunedin Brewery, I decided to pop in and visit what happens to be Florida’s oldest microbrewery.


Located at 937 Douglas Ave., Dunedin Brewery is a cozy pub with a great menu selection and a fantastic staff. As someone who has worked in restaurants and bars for years, I am always impressed when I am made to feel at home while visiting an establishment. As soon as I walked in the door, I was warmly greeted by three staff members and felt very welcome. After grabbing a seat, I looked over the menu and as much as I wanted to try one of everything, I gravitated towards wings (shocker) and was intrigued by their description. Marinated overnight, deep-fried and served dry with kilt sauce on the side, their Brewery Wings were calling my name.


With an option to have the wings tossed in sauce, I was told they were so good on their own that they didn’t need sauce, so that is how I ordered them.  As I looked at the golden, crispy wings, the scent of them was simply intoxicating. Words can’t describe their amazing flavor. I had no problem eating almost all of them. They were nice and plump and left me feeling full for several hours. 🙂


Now, I can’t leave out the beer at Dunedin Brewery. All of their brews are hand-crafted in small batches, 20 barrels at a time, by brewers Norman Dixon and Trace Caley. I only tasted two during my visit, including their Apricot Peach Ale, but I am planning on going back with a group of friends for an afternoon of wings and brews. Here is their current selection:

Standard Ales

Gold Ale
Light, crisp, refreshing.
5.2% abv
Apricot Peach Ale
Our most popular beer.
5.6% abv
Wheat Ale
Cloudy refresher.
5.6% abv
Red Ale
Medium-bodied, amber in color.
5.5% abv
Pale Ale
Standard for hop-lovers.
6.0% abv
Brown Ale
7 different malts.
6.0% abv
Nitro Stout
Dark & creamy.
4.5% abv

Currently Available Limited Release Brews

IPA Chronicle 9: Indian Amber
India-style Amber
6.2% abv
The latest brew in the ongoing IPA Chronicle series.
Bière de Café
Brown Ale w/ Locally-Roasted Coffee & Chocolate
6.0% abv
American Brown Ale with a kick. Smooth, cold, but roasty treat.
American Classic IPA
American IPA
7.2% abv
Originally the fifth beer in our IPA Chronicle series–utilizing Chinook, Cascade, & Centennial hops.
Coming Soon: Flashlight Lager
Light Blonde Pilsner
4.4% abv
Brewed in the hottest days of summer to help light up & cool the night. Release Date: June 6th
Local Honey
Ale brewed w/ Raw Florida Honey
Released: May 23rd
IPA Chronicle 10: DOPA
Double Oatmeal Pale Ale
Released: June 1st at their 5th Annual IPA Festival:

If you are interested, tours of the brewery are available Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 5pm. You pay $5 which includes the tour, a logoed glass, and samples of beer. Now that is a sweet deal!

Cheers to Dunedin Brewery for pure awesomeness and having great brews and delicious food! I will be back VERY soon!


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