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Take-In Delicious Chinese Cuisine with InnovASIAN

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If you were to look up the word “busy” in the dictionary, I am quite certain my name would be in the definition. 80+ hour work weeks, two kids, a puppy and multiple blogs make me one busy gal. With my days jam-packed and so many parental duties, sometimes the last thing I want to do is spend time in the kitchen. When it comes time for fast and convenient meals, I have always opted for take-out at a local restaurant or picking up rotisserie chicken and veggies from my favorite local spot, the Interbay Meat Market. Frozen entrées from the supermarket have never been of interest to me until I was introduced to InnovASIAN Cuisine. I was invited to host a block party and give my friends and neighbors a taste of this fantastic new product that is taking the frozen food world by storm. Sold at both Publix and Walmart, I decided to hold off on trying any until my party, as I wanted to experience it for the first time along with my guests.


Since I live in the deep south of Tampa, I decide to host my party at one of my favorite spots that is not only close to home, it is one of the preferred spots of many of my friends. This place is none other than Love’s Artifacts Bar & Grille which is conveniently located at 4918 South MacDill. Owner Lynn Love is a huge supporter of local community activities and was thrilled to have the InnovAsian Food Truck park in front of his establishment. My tasting party took place Mother’s Day weekend and the weather could not have been more perfect.


As soon as the truck arrived, the scent of both General Tso’s Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast filled the air. Many of my guests arrived early, as they were anxious to try this hot new product. Packaged in adorable Chinese take out boxes, my guests got to enjoy Chicken Fried Rice topped with both General Tso’s Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken.


As everyone began to dig in, all I could hear were happy sounds as my guests enjoyed their meals. Many raved about the quality of the product and could not believe this was a frozen item. A few cars that were driving by saw the truck and stopped by to sample some of this Asian goodness.


I could not hold back any longer, as the scent of the food was making me weak in the knees. I grabbed a box and was ready to indulge in this tasty sensation.


I was blown away by the quality of the chicken, as it is all pure chicken breast. Nothing is worse than eating something that is masked in so much breading and sauce that you are unaware of what you are consuming. InnovAsian has taken frozen Asian cuisine to the next level and their dedication to freshness and quality is almost unparalleled.


After enjoying my first of two servings, I walked around and chatted with my guests. The votes were in and InnovAsian won everyone over with their authentic flavors and product quality.


I felt like a superstar as I managed to make 40+ people happy in a single afternoon. Truly the hostess with the mostess, I was beaming with happiness. Everytime I turned around, all I saw were happy faces. Just look at these two!


Before my tasting party, I read up on the history of InnovAsian and learned that they evolved in response to an existent void in the Supermarket meal category for scratch ready, restaurant quality Asian meals. I must admit, the last time I tried a frozen Asian entrée was years ago and I swore I would never buy another again. Aside from lacking in flavor, the quality was so poor it turned me off and I lost the desire to ever purchase a frozen Asian entrée again. I never thought I would change my mind until I was introduced to InnovAsian.


After my tasting party, I went to my local Publix and picked up a few entrées . I invited a neighbor to try some and she insisted on knowing from where I got such delicious take-out in our neighborhood. I smiled and told her it was not take-out but take-in. When I showed her the box she was instantly intrigued.


My freezer is now stocked with several versions of InnovAsian entrées and I am prepared for the next time I am hit was a craving for delicious Chinese.


The next time you are at Publix or Walmart, be sure and pick up an entrée. I promise, you will thank me for it!


To learn more about these fantastic products, be sure and visit their website: InnovAsian. You can find a store nearest you and read up on new developments.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @EatInnovAsian and on Facebook: InnovasianCuisine.


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  1. sue
    November 13, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    had your beef broccoli and did not care for it at all. the meat was very grizzly. the overall taste was good tho. wont buy again. upc.9511911060

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