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Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Yes Please! #MacNChzMonday

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Champagne and lobster are two of my favorite things and I try to enjoy them as often as possible. The Capital Grille at International Plaza has an incredible Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese that I fell in love with a few years ago. Rich, creamy and oh so decadent, it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Truly one of their signature dishes, The Capital Grille’s Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese mirrors this classic establishment in that it exudes class, decadence and rich flavor.


I adore The Capital Grille. With its rich, dark interior and cozy ambiance, it is one of the ultimate dining destinations in Tampa. I will never forget my first visit back in 2005 when I was introduced to their famous Stoli Doli which is their signature martini made with Stolichnaya Vodka infused with fresh pineapple, chilled and served straight up. Love at first sip, it has been one of my favorite martinis since moving to Tampa in 2003. If you have not yet tried it, you must!

When it came time for me to create my top ten list of the best mac n’ cheese dishes in the Tampa Bay area, The Capital Grille’s Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese was at the top. Combining decadence with incredible flavor, this IS the ultimate mac ‘n’ cheese. Made with four types of cheeses, Campanelle Pasta, LOBSTER, butter, and bread crumbs, this dish is as brilliant as a Tiffany diamond.


I went in last week to revisit this masterpiece and fell in love all over again. As it was brought to my table, the scent of cheese and lobster filled the air. The bread crumbs were toasted beautifully and covered the mac ‘n’ cheese like a warm, savory blanket. As I dipped my fork in, I retrieved a succulent piece of juicy lobster. My taste buds were dancing with excitement as I enjoyed the rich flavors of the different cheeses that coated each piece of Campanelle pasta. I instantly forgot about my worries and could only focus on this incredible dish of comfort.


Oh Capital Grille, you are extravagant and I love it! You are currently in my top five list of best mac n’ cheese dishes in Tampa Bay and I can’t wait to return.

Have a wonderful week everyone and be sure to eat something extra special.



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