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Blueberry Aztec Mojitos for Cinco de Mayo

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Last month my kids and I visited Wish Farms in Duette, FL for an afternoon of strawberry picking. We had such a blast and after spending time at the farm, I became inspired to get back into creating recipes with local products. Now that blueberry season is here, there are many ways to enjoy this luscious fruit in everything from cocktails and desserts to salsas and main dishes. I have a fun cocktail recipe for you in honor of Cinco de Mayo that uses Wish Farms blueberries and other fresh ingredients. This drink will be the hit of your fiesta, as it is refreshing and flavorful.

As some of you may or may not know, last month I launched my #deliciousproject in which I dedicate an entire month to a restaurant and their chef. I will be spending time behind the scenes and in the kitchen learning new techniques and getting to know the chefs on a personal level. It has always been my belief that the kitchen is the heart of a restaurant and the passion that goes into each dish is to be celebrated. For the month of May, I am honoring Catrinas Cocina y Galeria which is an authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Palma Ceia. Cinco de Mayo marks their one year anniversary and I am honored to share their Blueberry Aztec Mojito made with blueberries from Wish Farms. Yesterday I spent time with Chef Tisbeth Mejia and she showed me how they make this fabulous cocktail. Here is what you will need:

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Blueberry Aztec Mojito

recipe courtesy of Tisbeth Mejia from Catrinas Cocina y Galeria


  • 3 oz of tequila of your choice (I prefer Patron)
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar, plus additional for rimming glass
  • 4-5 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 whole limes
  • Wish Farms Blueberries
  • Ice
  • Sprite or Club Soda
  • Large wine glass or glass of your choice
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Muddler

**you can make this “flaca” (skinny) by using agave in place of sugar and club soda in place of Sprite 🙂

Slice both limes in half width-wise. One entire lime will be juiced for the mojito, so place those two halves aside. Slice the other two halves into wheels. Use one lime wheel to rim glass with lime juice and then dip glass into sugar. (Lime juice keeps the sugar on the rim)

photo (6)

Drop a few blueberries into the sugar-rimmed glass and set aside. Next grab your cocktail shaker and add two teaspoons of sugar, the mint leaves and 5-6 blueberries.


Squeeze the juice from the two lime halves into the shaker. You can use a citrus press or your hands.


Next add tequila and muddle all ingredients together inside the shaker. If you do not have a cocktail muddler, you can use a spoon. After everything is muddled, add two lime wheels and about 4-6 oz of Sprite or Club Soda and gently stir. Fill your glass with ice and pour mix into glass.

photo (9)

Top off with more blueberries and garnish with a few mint sprigs and a lime wheel. Disfruta!

photo (10)

I hope you all have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo. I will be spending my day celebrating at Catrinas Cocina y Galeria.

Thank you to Tisbeth Mejia for the wonderful recipe!



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  1. Katie
    May 2, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Mmmm – this sounds like a wonderful cocktail indeed! I love the fresh blueberries….such a nice touch!

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