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It’s Easy Being Cheesy at Daily Eats #MacNChzMonday

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You know that scene in Moonstruck where Loretta (Cher) spends the night with Johnny (Nicholas Cage) after attending the opera? As she is walking home the next day, she strolls along the streets of Brooklyn with a huge smile on her face while blissfully kicking a flattened tin can. It is quite apparent that she is in love. Well, I just had a Loretta moment at Daily Eats after eating some of their mac n’ cheese. Ever since I began Mac n’ Cheese Mondays, they have been on my list of places to visit and today was my lucky day.


Known for their “Be Cheesy Macs” that ooze deliciousness, Daily Eats has some of the best dang mac n’ cheese in town. With your choice of 3 Cheesy Mac, Broccoli & Bacon, Spicy Buffalo, Fiesta and Burger, Daily Eats is a mac n’ cheese mecca. I stopped in today for a quick bite and decided to order two selections to satisfy my mac n’ cheese craving. I went with Spicy Buffalo and Burger. Now, I hope you can handle this, things are about to get very hot and cheesy!

As a huge fan of anything Buffalo, I just had to try their ode to the famous flavor which is my other weakness, Buffalo Wings. When I saw the luscious dish of mac n’ cheese goodness placed in front of me, I almost got teary eyed. Made with a creamy blue cheese fondue, buffalo crispy chicken, celery and a crunchy bread crumb crust, it was macalicious! The creamy blue cheese fondue coated every nook and cranny of the macaroni and the blue cheese crumbles were an added bonus. I loved the crispy chicken, as it added a depth to the bowl of cheesy goodness. I tell you folks, this is some seriously delicious mac n’ cheese! I wanted to eat the entire thing and lick the bowl, but since I had another dish to try, I decided to be good and take the rest of the Spicy Buffalo home.

mac 2

Next up was their Burger Mac n’ Cheese. Made with cheddar, ground beef, caramelized onions and fried pickles, this drool-worthy dish combines two American classics and the end result is a bowl of cheesy heaven. I loved the flavors in this dish, especially the caramelized onions. The fried pickles were an amazing addition.


All I can say is wow! I am still in a mac n’ cheese coma as I write this. I have to hand it to Daily Eats, they make it easy to be mac n’ cheesy. I will be back very soon to try the other variations, as I know they will be incredible.

Have a great week everyone and I will see you next Monday with more mac n’ cheese deliciousness!



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