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Tomozza Sandwich at Doormet

#SammichSundays, Eat Local

Happy Sunday! I am excited to bring back my weekly #SammichSundays in which I feature some of the bay’s best sandwiches. From delis and food trucks to restaurants and festivals, I will be sharing my delicious discoveries with you each week. As you know, I recently visited Doormét in South Tampa for the first time and featured their amazing Apricot Sriracha Wings. I enjoyed them so much that I just had to go back for more. The day I popped in for their wings, my eyes were drawn to their sandwich selection, especially one in particular…the Tomozza. Made with local tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh pesto and  balsamic on focaccia, this sandwich will rock your world.


My office decided to have lunch catered this past Friday and I was in charge of selecting where we would be ordering from. I was so impressed with Doormèt after my first visit that I decided to order from them. When I placed the order, I told them to surprise me with one of their best sandwiches. They must have read my mind because when the order arrived, I was ecstatic to see they had sent me the Tomozza.


I unwrapped the sandwich from the brown paper like a little girl opening a Christmas gift. The scent of pesto filled the air and I began to eat this delicious creation with my eyes. The juicy red tomatoes and savory prosciutto were making my mouth water. The colors of the Tomozza represent the Italian flag with the red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green pesto. I was eager to take a bite.


As I sunk my teeth into this heavenly creation, all I could say was “Oh my god!” I could taste the freshness of the ingredients and everything just blended together so beautifully. This sandwich takes the simplicity and deliciousness of a caprese salad and takes it to a whole new level by adding prosciutto, pesto and balsamic.  My coworkers laughed at me as I enjoyed my sandwich but what can I say? I enjoy food!


Be sure to check out Doormèt, I promise you will be in for a treat! With a fantastic menu and monthly specials, you will be blown away by their culinary creations.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. Katie
    April 15, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Oh my goodness – the sandwich looks absolutely fantastic!!! I am drooling just thinking about it.

  2. Leslie
    April 16, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Ummm….WOW. Pesto and prosciutto?? Heck yes. This sanwdwich would rock my world too Tracy. I am SO jealous.

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