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Tim Harper Wings at Kahuna’s Bar & Grill

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I have driven past Kahuna’s several times and have always wanted to stop in. After hearing they had fantastic wings, I decided to go in today and give there wings a whirl. I met my friend Jessica, who used to work there, and we enjoyed a nice and relaxing lunch filled with wings and good conversation.

Located at 10515 Gandy Boulevard in St, Petersburg, Kahuna’s has long been a popular spot for great drinks and a great variety of menu items. Featuring wings, burgers, fajitas, seafood and more, Kahuna’s is a great place to grab a drink and catch up with a friend. I did just that today and am still thinking about my delicious wings.


Jessica told me that the Tim Harper Wings were the best. Named after a regular who enjoyed eating his wings this way, Tim Harper wings are fried, tossed in hot sauce, grilled then tossed in Jerk seasoning. They sounded incredible and believe me, they were!


These wings were so delicious that I did not need any dressing to dip them in. Simple and tasty, they won me over.


Since I was really hungry, I decided to try some of their hot wings as well. As expected, I was blown away by their intense flavor. Nice and big, their wings are amazing! Their hot sauce is just perfect….hot, but not overbearing and packed with flavor.


Although I only spent an hour at Kahuna’s, I got a great taste of what their food is like and am anxious to return when I have more time and can enjoy an adult beverage. From what I could see today, Kahuna’s is an iconic spot on Gandy and has a very loyal following. I will be back!

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