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Piquant Hyde Park? Oui S’il Vous Plaît!

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I do not speak French but I know that the French word for delicious is Piquant, which is a stunning French bakery, restaurant and soon to be wine bar located in Hyde Park Village. Owners Chef Rivera and Chef Castro are two of the most talented people in Tampa and I had the distinct pleasure of working with them on an event last week. Their passion and devotion is evident in everything from a simple cup of coffee to a decadent pastry. Currently serving breakfast and lunch, they will soon be open for dinner a few nights a week and will also be featuring cooking classes. I will be one of the first to sign up as I am a huge fan of both of these culinary geniuses.

Since my first visit 3 weeks ago, I think I have returned at least 8 times. From picking up pastries and coffee to having lunch with a friend, I have covered just about all the bases at this adorable cafe which has quickly landed a spot on my list of favorite places in Tampa. A few weeks ago I met my good friend and fabulous photographer, Rebecca, and her husband Tom, for a breakfast and photo shoot with my kids. It was a chilly Sunday morning and we all instantly warmed up as soon as we stepped inside this gorgeous establishment.



 photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


Walking into Piquant is like walking into a European cafe. The smell of fresh roasted coffee and sweet pastries fill the air. The friendly staff makes you feel like you are a guest in their home. Gorgeous fresh flowers and beautiful surroundings make this the ideal destination for a weekend brunch.



 photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


As we were being seated, I gazed around at the elegant Parisian themes and one of my favorite episodes of Sex and the City came to mind. For those of you that watched that show, it was the second to last episode of the series when Carrie went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. As she stood on the balcony of her hotel and glanced at the tower, she smiled and joyfully jumped up and down. I was feeling just like Carrie was during that scene.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


My children spotted the pastries behind the counter and like me, were drooling over them. I told them that as long as they behaved, they could each have something after breakfast. I love using food as a bribery tool! All pastries are made fresh daily and are exactly like what you would find in a bakery in France. We took home a few items and enjoyed them after dinner.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


With French music playing softly in the background, I was truly feeling at peace on this brisk Sunday morning. The quaint chatter of happy diners and the scent of savory dishes floated throughout the restaurant and I was anxious to explore their breakfast menu for the first time. As we looked at the menu, Rebecca and I both wanted the same thing. I am a goat cheese gal and their Omelet with Goat Cheese, Cantimpalo Chorizo, Cilantro and Caramelized Shallots was calling my name. I had been on an omelet kick lately and this one was the best I have had in Tampa period. The creamy goat cheese blended beautifully with the Cantimpalo Chorizo and created a symphony of flavors in my mouth.  I enjoyed this amazing omelet with a cup of French roast.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


Rebecca’s husband Tom enjoyed Farm Fresh Eggs, Applewood Bacon, and Aged Cheddar on a French Baguette. It looked fantastic and he raved about it.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


My daughter enjoyed a Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly Sandwich which she thoroughly enjoyed. She is a light eater, so she only ate half and I enjoyed the other half as a snack later that day. Let me tell you, it was fabulous!



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


My son Rocco had scrambled eggs and bacon. He devoured his eggs before we could get a picture and really liked them. We did, however, capture his glorious dish of bacon. When Chef Rivera came to our table, he gave her “100 thumbs up.” My son really likes Piquant and keeps begging to go back.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


I had such a lovely breakfast and I do not know what it is about Piquant but my kids are so well-behaved there. My son even told me how much he liked the music and had me download some French songs to his iPod. For only being 6, he is becoming quite a little renaissance man.



photo courtesy of Blink of an Eye Photographic Arts


If you have not yet been to Piquant, I highly recommend that you make a visit to this charming gem in Hyde Park Village.


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