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Truffled Mac & Cheese at Mangroves

#MacNChzMonday, Comfort Food, SoHo, South Tampa

What can be more comforting than a hot and savory dish of mac & cheese? Over the last few months I have seen many variations of this iconic dish and decided it would be fun to spice up Mondays with a weekly feature on everyone’s favorite comfort food. I will be searching all over the greater Tampa Bay area for different variations of mac & cheese. From gourmet and unique to cheap and easy, I will try them all. I think now would be a great time for me to dust off my running shoes!

I am excited to share my first feature with you, and trust me, this one is really enticing! It is none other than the Truffled Mac & Cheese from Mangroves in South Tampa.




I heard through the grapevine that Mangroves had some of the best mac & cheese in town and as soon as I heard the word truffle, I knew I had to try it immediately. I headed over to Mangroves yesterday and this dish changed my life. Love at first bite, every single one of my problems floated away and I was in a state of mac & cheese bliss. Rich, creamy, decadent, mouth-watering, none of these words truly capture how amazing this dish is. You can even add crab or short rib to this classic dish for an additional charge. I think I will try it with crab on my next visit.




If your mouth is watering as you are reading this and you have a sudden urge to jump in your car and head over to Mangroves, I have some great news for you! Mangroves is implementing a new special starting this week where you can get their famous Truffled Mac & Cheese for just $5 from 5 pm-10 pm! How cool is that? Can you think of a better way to kick off your weekend? Pair it with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail and you will be set.




I will be back next Monday with another tasty feature that will really knock your socks off. Be sure to follow me on twitter @tracyguida and use #MacNChzMonday as I will be tweeting all over town about my delicious discoveries. Feel free to suggest any places you think I should visit. Have a great week everyone and stay cheesy!


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