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Wings with a Mexican Twist, Catrinas Style

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As I get ready to wrap up my search for the best chicken wings in Tampa Bay, I must say that this has been a fun and tasty experience. For 33 weeks I have been featuring wings from places across Tampa Bay. As the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVII, I will announce my choice for the best wings in my other city by the bay. I have tried everything from traditional Buffalo and Honey BBQ to Guacamole and Honey Sriracha. When it comes to wings, Tampa Bay truly has some exciting flavors.

Since I was not able to make it to every place on my list, I have decided to continue “winging it” in 2013 and will seek an opponent for 2012’s winner for my “Wing Bowl” in February of 2014.  Please feel free to submit suggestions for your favorite wings and I will be sure to check them out this year.

One thing I love about living in Tampa is how we celebrate food and flavors. Our city is full of tasty gems and we often discover delicious dishes in local eateries and dives. Just a few weeks ago I was having lunch at one of my favorite South Tampa spots and as a surprise, I was presented with a dish of exotic chicken wings. Tis Meji, the talented chef/owner of Catrina’s Cocina y Galeria, prepared a batch of Mango Habañero and Mole wings. Armed with only my iPhone, I tried my best to capture the beauty of these wings, which are as tasty and colorful as Mexico.


IMG_7740 (1)


I am a huge fan of mole and had have never had it on wings until trying it at Catrinas. “Mole” is the common name for different variations of Mexican sauces and includes black, red, yellow, Colorado (another name for red), green, almendrado, and pipián. As with everything, Catrinas takes their mole to the next level and theirs consists of a blend of chocolate, chile ancho, pasilla (dried chilaca pepper), chipotle and nuts. After the wings are tossed in the savory mole, they are finished off with a dusting of sesame seeds. The result? A tender wing with incredible flavor.




Next I enjoyed their Mango Habañero wings. A zesty combination of spicy and sweet, these wings were outstanding. Mango is so versatile and magically blends with the spicy Habañero, thus creating a symphony for your taste buds.  These two flavors go perfect with an ice cold beer or a glass of wine.  Tis has such a way with flavors and her cooking comes from the heart. These wings were such a pleasant surprise and I know where I will be picking up wings from for my little Super Bowl party. If you would like to place an order for your Super Bowl get together, call 813-251-4604. These wings are not on their menu, so pre-orders must be placed, as they are sure to sell out on Sunday.





Thank you Catrinas for preparing these stellar wings for me!

I hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl Festivities and you know I will be cheering for the team from my city by the bay!  Go Niners!













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