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Fitlife Foods Opens in St. Pete

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As a food blogger, I have spent much of the past two years eating all over Tampa Bay and while I have enjoyed myself immensely, I have not enjoyed the  extra pounds that have followed. After the holidays were over, I decided to start the new year by making a commitment to drop my “blogger weight” and focus on exploring healthier eating options in my other city by the bay. Fitlife Foods and I must have been on the same wave length because they were on my agenda to visit in January and before I could plan a day to stop in, I received an invite to attend a soft opening of their new store in St. Pete. I will take any excuse to head over the bridge, so I did just that this past week and was introduced to a healthy concept that is not only delicious, it is super convenient.

With three locations, in South Tampa, Clearwater and Carrollwood, Fitlife Foods will open its doors to the public with a grand opening at their new location in St. Petersburg on Monday, January 28th. Conveniently located at 3047 4th Street North, Fitlife Foods is a welcome addition to St. Pete and will be warmly received by locals looking for healthy meals on the go.




Fitlife Foods is, in essence, a gourmet prepared foods takeout store that serves healthy meals that are incredibly delicious. Each meal is made fresh daily using local ingredients. With selections such as Santa Fe Salmon Cakes, Miso Marinated Salmon, Ab Tight Steak and Potatoes and Tampa Bay BBQ Beef with Mac N’ Cheese,  they truly offer something for everyone. Their menu consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner items as well as snacks and even sweets!




While visiting the St. Pete location, I was offered a meal to take with me for lunch.  I went with their Miami Beach Mixed Grill since it was a lower-carb option. Each meal is labeled with all the vital nutritional information such as calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber.  How cool is that? For myself, this really impresses me since I happen to be on a program right now that limits carbs. Until I reach my goal, I am adhering to my program and am delighted that Fitlife Foods has so many options for me to choose from. I can’t wait to pick up dinner this week at their South Tampa location.




All meals come in different portion sizes based on calorie counts. For example, small-sized portions range from 160-340 calories, medium range from 220-530 calories and large portions range from 360-700 calories. Meals are neatly organized in refrigerators and associates are available if you need assistance. Meals can also be pre-ordered for pick-up.


IMG_7787 (1)


In addition to their healthy meals, Fitlife foods offers programs to help you reach or maintain weight loss goals. Once such program is Project U which is a 7, 14 or 21 day program to get you on track for weight management as well as improving your energy. With this program, you are provided with your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Meals are picked up twice per week and soon you will see your waistline and energy improve. You will begin by meeting with a Wellness Coach for a full assessment and then at the conclusion of your challenge you will receive a follow-up session to track your changes! To learn more about the 21 day program, click here.




I had a wonderful time touring the new store and learned so much about Fitlife Foods.  As I grabbed my meal and got ready to head back to my office, I felt really excited about everything I had learned during my visit. I am really anxious to begin picking up meals from the South Tampa location and can’t wait to try some of their other menu items.




When I arrived back at the office, I enjoyed popped my Miami Beach mixed grill into the microwave and enjoyed it for lunch. Tender beef and all natural chicken with roasted vegetables, it was fantastic. There is nothing better than a tasty meal that is lean and clean.




Thanks again to the staff of Fitlife Foods in St. Pete! I had a great time visiting the new store and look forward to seeing you a lot more in 2013!


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