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These Wings Are On Fire! #Wingsday

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Happy Wingsday! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with friends and family. As most of us had to return to work today, I made the best of it by stopping in for some wings at Fire Bar & Grill.  I have been wanting to try their wings, as well as most of their menu, for quite some time. Today was my first time at Fire and it was a most pleasant dining experience. Located at 3023 West Kennedy in South Tampa, Fire Bar & Grill is a fairly new and welcome addition to the South Tampa dining scene.  Serving an array of rustic and New American dishes such as burgers, salads, pasta and seafood dishes, Fire has quickly gained a reputation for fresh, quality food and friendly service.




I, of course, ordered their wings and was certainly not disappointed. Their wings are served dry-rubbed and crispy with sides of Blue Cheese, Buffalo and my favorite, Honey Habañero. I really enjoyed eating wings this way as they were less messy and I could create my own flavors by mixing some of the dipping sauces.




I was impressed by the flavor of the wings, as they were quite tasty on their own. The Honey Habañero woke me up as it really has a kick to it. I am a spice girl, so it was perfect for my palate. By far, it is one of my favorite sauces that I have encountered thus far on my wing-eating adventures.




Aside from the über delicious wings, I was impressed by the decor of the restaurant. With warm colors and a an overall “homey” feeling, I now understand what all my friends have been raving about. I sat in my nice cozy booth and fantasized about playing hooky from work and ordering a cocktail.  Ahhh, one can dream right?





I fell in love with the chandelier above my table and wish I had this at home in my dining area. The red bottles emit such a nice glow of light and really highlight your food. I hope to sit here on my next visit with a group of friends.




Thanks to Fire Bar & Grill, going back to work after the holiday was a little more tolerable. The rest of their menu looks fantastic and I have my eye on a couple of different entrees. If you are looking for a great spot with delicious food fantastic service, be sure and stop by Fire Bar & Grill. Every entree is made to order with only the freshest ingredients.




I hope everyone has a safe and blessed rest of 2012 and I thank everyone for reading all about my wing-eating adventures over the last six months. I will be back on New Year’s Day with more wings. Until then, keep wingin’ it!





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