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Make Your Holidays “Haute” #31DaysOfLove

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I am known for my collection of hot sauces which almost rivals my shoe collection. Always looking for the the latest sauces on the local market, I am always excited to discover new flavors made by local vendors. A few months ago I had the opportunity to try some products from Ashlynn’s Gourmet and now I am hooked!


Made in Clearwater, the line of products from Ashlynn’s Gourmet includes tapenades, BBQ sauces, balsamic glazes, martini mixers and “haute sauces.” Back in September, I featured their line of BBQ sauces in my post Labor Day Monday MArket with T.K. Waugh’s ‘Que and I have been using their tasty sauces ever since. One of my favorite products from Ashlynn’s Gourmet are their amazing line of “haute sauces” called Solomon’s Punishment.  Available in four hot flavors: Pharoah’s Fire, Asian Nightmare, King’s Judgement and Riddles of Sheba, these sauces will add a delicious spice to any dish.



Each sauce has its own distinct flavor. Asian Nightmare is a a fiery blend of  sun drenched, red jalapeños entangled with all the exotic flavors of Asia. This is a staple in my house and I use it on everything from tacos and soups to in dips and on burgers.




King’s Judgement is a zesty blend of  sweet pineapple and Scotch bonnets teased with Jamaican Jerk spices.  I love to use this in my Jamaican Jerk Chili and it really gives my chili the “wow” factor.




One of my favorites, Riddles of Sheba is a spicy blend of sweet mandarin oranges kissed with HAUTE red habañeros. I love to add this to homemade guacamole. I recently brought this to a tailgate party and everyone was raving about it. Needless to say, the bottle was gone within an hour.




Last but not least, Pharoah’s Fire is a peppery blend of aged, sun-kissed habañeros licked with punishment. This is one of my secret ingredients in my arrabiata sauce and my friends love it.




The line of  “Haute Sauces” from Ashlynn’s Gourmet would make the perfect gift for the hot sauce lover in your life. If you are looking for some fantastic products that are locally made and just plain delicious, be sure to check out Ashlynn’s Gourmet. As part of my #31DaysOfLove, I am giving away a gift pack of these four haute sauces and will pick a winner on December 21st. To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me what sauce you most want to try.



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