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Pork 3X’s at Wings Gone Wild #SammichSundays

#31DaysOfLove, #SammichSundays

Have you ever had a sandwich that was so delicious you could not stop thinking about it? Well, that happened to me yesterday. After hearing so much about the Pork 3X’s at Wings Gone Wild, I decided to pop in and taste what everyone has been raving about. All I can say is WOW!



Slow roasted pork belly, pulled pork, BACON, fried jalapeños and cheddar all pressed between two slices of delicious Ciabatta, this sammich is no joke! The duo of the pork belly and pulled pork with the melted cheddar is pure bliss. Braised for 15 hours, their pulled pork is tender, juicy and packed with intense flavor. The addition of bacon and fried jalapeños takes this sammich to another level. Served with hand-cut russet fries and roasted garlic aioli, this pork-a-licious sammy will leave you wanting more.



When my food was brought out, a few patrons told me that I was about to eat the best sandwich is Tampa. I struck up a conversation with two guys and they told me they loved this sandwich so much that they took pictures of it and sent it to their friends. I laughed since I was about to do the same. When I posted a picture of the Pork 3X’s on my facebook page, I got an overwhelming response from friends asking where they could find this “amazeballs” looking sammich.  I must say, this was my second visit to Wings Gone Wild and both times they have just knocked it right out of the park. Both my visits have been exceptional with not only amazing food but wonderful service. Their staff is incredible and they have extensive menu knowledge, which, in my opinion, is crucial. I am always impressed when the staff of an establishment shares their love of menu items and tell me more about a dish other than “it’s good.”



I actually woke up this morning craving the Pork 3X’s and can’t stop thinking about the insanely delicious combination of flavors.  I promise you, this sammich will rock your world! You can thank me later. 🙂



If you are looking for a great place to meet some friends or catch a game, you must stop by Wings Gone Wild. Their menu is more than just bar food and is constantly evolving.  They have truly “set the bar” when it comes to “bar” food. They take classics and give them a gourmet spin and I must say, they have done one hell of a job.  Yesterday I sampled one of their Buffalo Chicken Sliders and was blown away.  Hand breaded chicken topped with bacon, Buffalo sauce and Swiss cheese all nestled in a soft bun and topped with a Cornichon pickle, they are AMAZING! I took the rest home to my love and he agreed.


As part of my 31 Days of Love, I have a $25 gift certificate to give to a reader. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning, so be sure and enter today. Simply do one or all of the following and get one entry per item.


Good luck and have a wonderful Sunday!

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