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Fall Flavors and Football at Lee Roy Selmon’s

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There is nothing more enjoyable than this time of year when the temperatures cool down and the holiday season is right around the corner. Football is in full swing, fall flavors are everywhere and our hearts are filled with the spirit of giving. I, for one, tend to crave more comfort foods during the holiday season and one place that always comes to mind is Lee Roy Selmon’s. When I first moved to Tampa, I spent many Sundays watching football and drinking Bloody Mary’s at the location on Boy Scout Blvd. I fell in love with their hearty dishes and friendly service.  Not much has changed since my first visit and a few weeks ago I was invited to sample some of their new fall menu items. Once again, my love affair with their comfort food was reignited and I am excited to share my tasty discoveries with you.

The first dish I tried was their Meatball Skewers. Hearty and filled with flavor, they consist of ground beef & pork, one of which is wrapped in bacon, grilled red peppers and are served with a creamy smoked chipotle dipping sauce. Perfect for sharing, these tasty little numbers are simply incredible. I love that they are perfect for low-carb diets and easy to eat. If you are thinking of catering a holiday event or need something for a tailgating event, these are sure to score a touch down with your guests!



Next I tried their Calamari Strips which were phenomenal.   I consider myself a calamari connoisseur and really enjoyed their spin on this classic seafood dish.  Seasoned and lightly breaded, their calamari is served in a “strip” form rather than the standard ring shape. Tender and juicy, the strips are paired with a sweet chili dipping sauce which really enhances the flavor of the calamari. Add a squeeze of lemon and you have a zesty plate of deliciousness.  This is a dish you don’t want to miss!



I smiled when the next dish was brought out.  As many of my readers know, I feature chicken wings each Wednesday as I search for the best wings in the greater Tampa Bay area.  Lee Roy Selmon’s has already reached my top ten list of favorites, so when I was presented with their Buffalo Chicken Tenders, I knew they would be exceptional. Fresh and crispy, their Buffalo Tenders are perfection. Tender and succulent white meat that is fried nice and golden and then tossed in their famous buffalo sauce, these tenders are game-day favorites. Paired with celery and blue cheese, they just can’t get any better.  All that was missing was a nice draft beer and an NFL game.



Have you ever been dining out and see  something that makes your jaw drop? Well, that happened to me when I saw a beautiful basket of Soft Pretzels and beer cheese sauce placed in front of my eyes. I love soft pretzels and always order them at sporting events.  These are 100 times better and are so amazing when dipped in the beer cheese sauce. Warm and lightly salted, these little loaves of heaven will warm you heart as well as your stomach. Wunderbar!!!!!!



The next dish I samples was their Chicken Tenders.  Fresh and crispy, their tenders are served with a dynamic duo of both a fire-cracker sauce and a honey mustard vinaigrette for dipping.  Both dipping sauces were fantastic and this is a dish that will not only be loved by adults, but by children as well. When it comes to fried chicken, Lee Roy Selmon’s is clearly the champion.




Just when I thought the tasting was over, we went into overtime. Not the nail-biting, stressful overtime when your team is fighting to win the big game, but the kind where the food is so good, you just need to make room for one more dish worthy of a Lombardy trophy.  At this moment, the MVP of the tasting was presented to the table………..Chicken and Waffles.  I first had chicken and waffles during my first trip to Atlanta back in 2003 at Gladys and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles and it was love at first bite. Since then I have had an insatiable appetite for this classic dish that was born in Harlem, NY in the 1930’s. Their version of this masterpiece is a savory dish consisting of a warm buttermilk Belgian waffle and crispy sweet heat chicken served with savory smashed potatoes, cream corn, rich maple syrup and homemade cinnamon pecan butter.  I still dream about this plate of tasty comfort, especially the cinnamon pecan butter! I loved how the maple syrup and cinnamon pecan butter melted into the waffle’s crevices, yielding a sweet and savory blend of deliciousness.  This dish is only available for a limited time, so be sure to stop in and taste a piece of heaven.



Once again, Lee Roy Selmon’s impressed me with their wonderful food and fantastic service. Be sure and stop in to try their delicious fall menu before the season is over.


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