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Happy Halloween! I hope you all are enjoying the festivities this week. Before I move onto my “Wingsday” feature, I want to take a moment and congratulate the San Francisco Giants on sweeping the Tigers and winning the World Series for the second time in three years! One of the things I miss most about home are the San Francisco Giants and going to games at both AT&T Park and Candlestick.  On my last trip home this past May, I went to a Giants/A’s game and had an absolute blast.  AT&T Park is one of the most amazing ball parks in the country with breathtaking views and tasty ball park treats. Here is a quick shot I captured from my seat:



The Giants went on the win the game against the A’s and I am blessed that I got to see them play during their championship season.  My brother and I celebrated with friends after the game at a fun dive bar in San Francisco called Hotel Utah Saloon and I, of course, toasted their win with sparkling wine. (You can take the girl out of Wine Country but you can’t take Wine Country out of the girl). Below is a picture of my brother and I after the game.



Today the San Francisco Bay Area will be celebrating and honoring the Giants with a victory parade through the streets of San Francisco. There will be shades of orange and black everywhere. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than toasting the Giants in the most beautiful city in the word!  #OrangeOctober!

Ok, now back to chicken wings. Last night, my kids and I met my friend Barbara and her two beautiful daughters for a quick bite to eat at Slice Pizzeria & Wing House located at 5831 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. in South Tampa. This was my first visit to Slice Pizzeria & Wing House, which is surprising since it is located about 2 miles from my house. I had heard they had great wings, so I was anxious to try them.



As my kids and I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was inside. The kids were all excited to see each other and I was happy to spend some time with Barbara, who also likes an orange and black team. No, she doesn’t like the SF Giants, she is a Bengals fan which is funny since I am a Steelers fan, or Squealers, as she affectionately calls the six-time Super Bowl Champions. I don’t care if she likes the Bungles, she is one awesome lady and I am honored to be her friend. 🙂



The menu at Slice Pizzeria & Wing House offers a nice selection of salads, appetizers, pizza, grinders, wraps and, of course, wings. Wings are offered both bone-in and bone-out and can be ordered in quantities of 1/2 lb, 1 lb, or 2 lb. With flavor selections such as Plain, Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Tangy BBQ, Honey BBQ, Garlic and Thai Chili, there is definitely a flavor for all wing lovers. I went with three, bone-in,  1/2 lb orders of Tangy BBQ, Thai Chili and Garlic.

First I tried the Tangy BBQ which was better than I imagined. The sauce had a nice smokey flavor and I was impressed that their bone-in wings are BAKED and not FRIED! This is my 18th week eating wings, so it’s nice to have healthier options. When I order wings, I tend to go for either exotic flavors or hot buffalo, so the Tangy BBQ was a nice change. The flavor was so good that I didn’t even touch the blue cheese dressing that came on the side.



Being a garlic lover,  I ordered their Garlic wings which were baked to perfection and tossed in a heavenly mixture of garlic butter and fresh parmesan cheese. Garlic makes everything better and these wings were no exception.  The only thing missing was a nice glass of wine.



Next up was their Thai Chili, which was my first choice to sample off their menu.  This sauce is DELICIOUS and is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Being that the wings are baked, the flavor is intensified with the moist and tender chicken meat. I have noticed that baked wings tend to make flavors stand out more than fried or breaded wings.



As I enjoyed my wings, I got to catch up with Barbara while the kids ate together.  They shared a pepperoni pizza and chicken fingers while my daughter ate spaghetti. The raved about the food and asked when we can go back. I am so glad I gave this place a try after driving past it countless times.  Since they deliver, I plan on ordering some pizza and wings for an upcoming night at home watching football.  If you are looking for a kid friendly place in South Tampa, want to order some delicious delivery or just want some tasty, baked wings, be sure and give Slice Pizzeria & Wing House a try. To learn more, check out their facebook page by clicking here.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween and be sure to join me next week as I will be featuring a dive bar known for their delicious wings.


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