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Wings You Will “LOVE”

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Happy Wingsday! I must say, Wingsday is my favorite day of the week and I love sharing my discoveries with you. Today I have a special place that is located in my neighborhood and is a place I first wrote about almost two years ago……..Love’s Artifacts Bar & Grille.  Located at 4914 South Gandy, Love’s is a place I love to go to on Friday nights and listen to live music.  Two of my favorite bartenders work there, Gen and Kristen, and the owner, Lynn, is a very cool guy. This place is eclectic, fun and never dull! Owner Lynn Love took a risk when the economy began to spiral downward and turned his used car lot into a restaurant. Yep, this place used to be a used car lot!

The walls inside Love’s are decked out with cool items from all different decades.  Every time I go, I find something new and fascinating to look at. If you have time, read my post from January of 2011 by clicking here.



Of all the times I have been to Love’s, I never knew they had wings. Since their fried chicken is so good, I had a hunch that they could make wings, so I asked and sure enough they do offer them even though they are not on the menu. Appropriately,  they are called “Bat Wings”.



Fried to perfection, these juicy wings can be tossed in your choice of mild, medium or hot buffalo as well as regular and spicy bbq. I went with hot buffalo and they were AWESOME!



Wings are served with Ranch since they do not have Blue Cheese, which for me is not an issue. Normally I am a Blue Cheese kinda gal, so this was a nice change.  I was really impressed with the blend of spices in the sauce and the tenderness of the chicken. I would definitely order these wings again!

My children and I, along with a few friends, sat outside on this beautiful Tuesday evening. The weather is getting gorgeous now that we have hit mid-October. We had such a relaxing meal that we wound up staying well over two hours. My kids loved the food and are anxious to go back for a visit.



I am glad I got to try their wings and was very happy with the flavor and quality.  You can follow them on twitter @LovesGrillTampa and find them on Facebook here:  Love’s Artifacts Bar & Grille

Until next Wingsday,



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