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Elmer’s Sports Cafe…a SOG Mecca for Wings

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I am proud to be a “SOG” girl. For those that are not familiar, “SOG” stands for ‘South of Gandy’ which is an area of South Tampa where myself and many of my friends live. Check out Urban Dictionary’s definition:


1.) A physical location south of Gandy Boulevard in Tampa, FL.
2.) The state of mind or way of life of someone who grew up south of Gandy, can drink beer with the best of them, probably went to Robinson H.S. and parents were either blue-collar or military.
Do you live in SOG town? or YOU seriously bought a house in SOG town?  or  Dude, she is so SOG.

I have grown quite fond of the SOG area and its unique establishments. My favorite “SOG” neighboorhood bar is Elmer’s Sports Cafe located at 5206 South MacDill Avenue and just 2 short miles from my home. I have become a regular over the last five months for many reasons:  1. they are close to home, 2. a lot of very cool people hang out there 3. they make great drinks and 4. they have some damn good wings!

As you walk into Elmer’s, you are sure to see a great variety of people at the bar and that is one of the things I like best.  Elmer’s caters to everyone and I feel comfortable if I am dressed up or if I am just wearing sweats. I always see someone I know and always end up staying longer than planned.  It is definitely the “Cheers” of South Tampa. My favorite bartender, Mysti, always greets me with a smile and knows what I want to drink.

Elmer’s serves food until the wee hours and has a wonderful menu selection with everything from burgers and wings to fried mac and cheese and gator bites. I could go on and on about the yummy discoveries I have made there, but I will save that for another time. For now, I want to talk about their awesome wings.  Available in baskets of 10, 20, 30 and 40, their wings are jumbo and are all drums, which I love! Sauces include: Plain, Spicy Barbecue, Garlic, Teriyaki, Mild, Medium, Hot and Way Hot.  My better half and I get the Teriyaki mixed with Garlic and the flavor is über delicious. He had them mix the two one day and the flavor combination has become quite popular.  I have been hooked since day one and that is usually what I order.  If you are ever SOG, stop by Elmer’s and try it, you will thank me!



I like it hot, so I had to try their Way Hot sauce, which is outstanding.  Spicy yet flavorful, Way Hot goes great with an ice-cold beer, which one of their bartenders will gladly serve you along with a smile. All wings are available naked or breaded and are served piping hot.



With a full bar and great beer selection, there is something for everyone. Elmer’s also has pool tables, darts, trivia and Golden Tee. On Saturday nights they have karaoke which always draws a large crowd. Being that Elmer’s is a sports bar, you can always be sure to catch the big game on one of their many TVs. Elmer’s also has a location in Ybor, located at 2003 E. 7th Avenue.



I hope to see you soon at Elmer’s, I am sure you will find me there most Thursday and Friday nights. Oh, and watch out for the giant frog!  Cheers everyone!



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