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A Smashing Pumpkin for #TuesdayBoozeday


I am excited to begin this week with my new weekly feature, #TuesdayBoozeday! Each week I will share my favorite cocktails in Tampa Bay and beyond.  There are so many incredible cocktails in Central Florida and I plan on finding some really unique drinks.

I think my obsession with cocktails began when I was a young girl of about seven.  Now, don’t get excited!  I did not have a sip of alcohol until I was much older, and that was probably tasting wine at a family dinner.  I can honestly say, I was a good Catholic girl and never drank until I was 21. 🙂  My dad owned a few restaurants with bars when I was young and I was always fascinated by those little drink umbrellas and plastic swords. One restaurant I vividly remember was a place called the Sea Galley and we briefly relocated from San Jose, CA to Bellingham, WA when my dad went to work for them. The had a cool drink on the menu called a “Kiddie Cocktail” which was a sweet mixture of strawberry, pineapple and banana.  My brother and I ordered it every time we ate there and thought we were cool with our kiddie cocktails!  We also loved the restaurant Houlihan’s in San Francisco and begged our parents to order drinks such as the “Blue Whale” which came with, you guessed it, a plastic blue whale.  Ahhhh, those were the days!

By the time I was 21, I was working in a swanky lounge called The Hedley Club inside the Hotel De Anza in downtown San Jose, CA. It was there that I discovered my love for hand-crafted cocktails and passion for bartending. After working there for six years, I moved to Tampa and since my arrival, I have fallen in love with Tampa Bay’s  ever evolving cocktail scene.  One of my favorite places to grab a drink is DATZ!




When it came time to write my first #TuesdayBoozeday post, it was a no-brainer. Datz has recently added some new drinks to their bar menu and one of them is a seasonal favorite that I first tried last year. This cocktail is more than just a drink, it reminds me of a very special person that I met the first night I tried this special cocktail.  This decadent libation is none other than their Smashing Pumpkin and it will always remind me of my dear friend Lori, who has become more than just a friend, she has become family.  I met Lori last October when I went to meet some friends at Datz for some cocktails.  We were all drinking Smashing Pumpkins and by the end of the night, most of us were….. smashed. (no pun intended)



If you like pumpkin, this drink will rock your world! A luscious blend of Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Liqueur, 360 Vanilla Vodka,  Mathilde Orange XO, cream,  and a gingersnap rim, it is the ultimate fall cocktail.



The gingersnap rim is like an additional bonus that gives it a bit of kick. I am telling you, this drink is addictive!

So, who wants to try this exquisite taste of fall in a glass? If you want to try a Smashed Pumpkin, tweet me @tracyguida and tell me why you want to try a #SmashedPumpkin @Datz4Foodies.  I will be giving away a few drink vouchers the rest of the month.




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