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Not Your Ordinary Wings

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When it comes to wings, I like them HOT, HOT, HOT and have always prided myself on my tolerance for all things super spicy…until now.  Ladies and gentleman, I found some wings that I could not even look at without burning my tongue.  Made with ghost pepper oil, vinegar, cayenne peppers, Thai hot peppers, and crystal capsaicin, the Flaming Duck Wings from Notyourordinaryfoodtruck are ducking HOT!



Notyourordinaryfoodtruck is one of the coolest food trucks in Tampa Bay.  Showcasing rare and exotic meats such as kangaroo, wagyu, lion, python, gator, turtle, ostrich, rabbit, elk, buffalo, bison, llama, bear, antelope, alpaca, duck and anything else that is legal, Notyourordinaryfoodtruck has been hitting the streets of Tampa Bay since June of this year. After only three short months, they already have a huge fllowing and have become a major presence in the food truck scene.



I caught up with the guys of Notyourordinaryfoodtruck this past weekend at Cigar City Brewing Company and chatted with them about their Flaming Duck Wing Challenge.  So far only six people have been brave enough to do the challenge in which you have 15 minutes to eat all of the wings, lick your fingers clean and then wait an additional 15 minutes without food or drink to stop the burn. OUCH!  Nobody has yet been able to complete the challenge.




If you complete the challenge, not only are you a rock star, you get this cool little devil duck. 🙂



I ordered up a batch of wings and really wanted to try them, but got a little scared after a large crowd gathered around me and told me I was crazy.  After seeing the wings, the scent of the heat literally made my eyes water my nose burn. I decided to share the wings with any willing participants and only two guys were brave enough to try them. They each ate only a few bites of a wing and had to throw in the towel.  Ha ha.  WIMPS!



I had a great time with Notyourordinaryfoodtruck and even though I did not try the wings, I did try their Applebutter and Brie Sammy and their Caprese Bites, both of which were fantastic. Did I mention you get free bacon with every order? I took the rest of the wings home with every intention of trying them later, but just couldn’t do it. If you are looking for the ultimate wing challenge, give these bad boys a try.



Be sure to see follow Notyourordinaryfoodtruck on Twitter to see where they will be located @NYOFoodTruck.



Ciao everyone and enjoy the NFL kick-off tonight!



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