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Now DATZ a Good Plate of Wings!

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Datz can do no wrong and this was further solidified after trying their Sweet Death Wings yesterday on my Tampa Bay Chicken Wing Tour. 🙂 In case you have been missing out, I have officially declared Wednesdays as “Wingsday” on my blog and am on a quest to find the best chicken wings in Tampa Bay. Each Wednesday I feature a different place and I share my delicious findings with all of you. 🙂

It is no secret that Datz is one of my favorite places in Tampa and lets just say…..I can’t get enough.  From their insanely delicious hand crafted cocktails to their innovative menu of culinary delights, Datz has won me over, big time!


I headed over to Datz yesterday to have lunch with the two loves of my life, my bambinos Rocco and Gianna. They LOVE Datz and always want to eat there, especially for brunch.  I guess the apples really do not fall far from the tree. 😉  As they enjoyed their Little Buddy Pancake Breakfast, I dug into my plate of  Sweet Death Wings.  Holy stilettos were they good! Mesquite-smoked and finished with Datz’s house made Sweet Death Sauce, these wings were quite scrumptious. All I needed was a nice craft brew to go with them but since I was playing my most important role in life as mommy, I had an iced tea.



After lunch, my daughter decided she wanted to go “shopping at Datz” and begged me for a Jessie Steele apron so she could be just like mommy.  She certainly has good taste!  In true Gianna fashion, she posed for a picture in front of the aprons and settled for a macaroon. She didn’t forget about the apron though, and reminded me that she has a birthday coming up!  Like mother like daughter!



Well, the competition is getting fierce and Datz has shot up as one of my top five contenders.  I have several weeks left to go, so please join me each Wingsday to see what new flavors I have discovered.


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