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Shrimp Boat Grill…a Delicious Find on #SundayFunday

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This past Sunday was one of the most relaxing Sundays I have had in quite sometime.  By the time Sunday rolls around, I am usually wiped out from the long work week and spend the entire day cleaning and getting ready for the new week.  Not this time. The kids were invited to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Brandon and I have to admit, I was thrilled for them but knew I was going to have to get something to eat after. There was no way I was going to eat the pizza there.  Now don’t get me wrong, their pizza is ok but I will admit, I am a pizza snob. 🙂  I sipped on water and diet soda while the kids played and began looking on Yelp for places to eat in the area.  A restaurant by the name of Shrimp Boat Grill popped up and had rave reviews.  We decided to go there.

Located at 716 W Lumsden Rd in Brandon, the Shrimp Boat Grill is nestled in a cozy strip mall close to another place I am anxious to try, La Septima.  As we walked in I was captivated by the display of fresh fish and oysters. My kids were excited to see the various murals on the wall and especially loved the one of a shark.  So far I was impressed with the atmosphere and decor.

Now, keep in mind, this dining excursion was not planned and I was not prepared to take professional photos.  The lighting was dark and I just had my iPhone.  I did my best.  🙂

As we sat down we were warmly greeted by our server and presented with a basket of bread.  Warm and fresh, the bread was topped with parmesan cheese and seasonings. My kids loved it and it disappeared quick.

Since we were all hungry after a fun-filled day at Chuck E. Cheese, we ordered two appetizers. The first was the Crab Cake Appetizer which is their chef’s special recipe and is made with lump crab meat and served with tartar sauce.  The crab cake was HUGE!  I really enjoyed it and would order it again.  It is perfect to share for up to four people.

Next we tried the Shrimp Duo which was outstanding. Consisting of  wonton wrapped shrimp and coconut shrimp, it is served with both Piña Colada and wonton dipping sauces. The Piña Colada sauce was delish!  It had chunks of fresh pineapple and was slightly sweet.

As I looked over the menu, I was torn as to what to order but I keep going back to a dish that really caught my eye, which was a Lemon Parmesan Whitefish Bake. When I asked the server about it she said it was her favorite item on the menu and that I would love it.  Sold! When it arrived at the table, I was blown away by the beauty of this dish. Two large baked filets of whitefish over rice and brocoli and then topped with a lemon parmesan sauce and a crispy topping, this dish is   The smell was incredible and as soon as I took one bite, I smiled and said, “WOW!” My kids were laughing at me and told me I was silly but man was it good! Don’t let the picture fool you, the portion was huge and I could only eat about 3/4 of one filet.  I took the rest home and had it for lunch the next day. My coworkers kept stopping by my desk and asking what I was eating because it smelled so delicious.

My better half ordered the Shimp Scampi and I was glad since it is a childhood favorite and I knew I could sneak a few bites.  🙂 Like mine, his dish was just as delicious. With succulent shrimp sauteed in butter, minced garlic and parsley then splashed with white wine, topped with asiago cheese and served over a bed of angel hair, it is the ultimate comford food. I think I got maybe one bite and he ate it all.  He really enjoyed it and wants to go back. I couldn’t agree more.

My children both ordered items off the kids menu and my son cleaned his plate.  My daughter is more of a dainty eater and only ate half of hers but she really enjoyed it. My son had fried shrimp and waffles fries while my daughter had her favorite, spaghetti. I was impressed with the nice sized portions for the kids meals.

My son wanted dessert since he finished his dinner and he ordered their home-made chocolate malt ball ice cream.  I tried it and it was fabulous! That is one thing I love about having kids, I always get to sample different desserts without ordering them for myself. 🙂

We all had a wonderful meal at Shrimp Boat Grill and I look forward to going back the next time I am out in the area.  Their cocktail menu looks incredible and one cocktail that really caught my attention is their signature,  The Southern Drawl,  which is handcrafted with Death’s Door White Whisky, Fresh Lemon, Muddled Peach and Smoked Honey.  I really wanted to try it, but since I had the kids I had to pass.  Next time for sure!

I also noticed that they offer a four-course tasting menu for $25.  Known as Category 4, their tasting menu is a great deal and I definately will be back to try it. Here is a sample of last weekend’s Category 4:

1st Course – Crab Cocktail

Champagne Gelée Blue Crab Roasted Corn Mousse Soy Air

2nd Course – Duck Taco Supreme

Duck Confit Green Onion-Arbol Chile Relish Chiffonade of Endive Crispy Taco Plum Crème Fraiche

3rd Course – The Melting Pot

Sous-vide Swordfish Maytag-Potato Fricassée Mushroom Ragù Pistachio Chimichurri Balsamic Glazed Cippolini Onions

4th Course – Trifle

Banana Custard Dark Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter Crunch Caramel-Coffee Marshmallow

We headed back to Tampa and decided to take the kids fishing so they could burn off a little more energy before bed.  My daughter is growing quite fond of fishing and is getting really good.  She caught a few and was proud of her “little fishies.”

This was such a great Sunday and I am glad we found the Shrimp Boat Grill.  You really must try it!  I can’t wait to see what we discover this upcoming #SundayFunday.  Ciao for now!


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