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Selmon Brothers’ Wings are SMOKIN’!

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Happy Wingsday!  As I continue on my taste tour of chicken wings in Tampa Bay, I am excited to share a delicious find with y’all.  This past week I went back to Lee Roy Selmon’s and let me just say, it took every ounce of willpower to NOT order their Sweet Sizzlin’ Corn.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to taste wings and wings only.  Every time I saw a server walk past me with that corn I wanted to grab it off their plate. I have dreams about it. If you have not yet tried their Sweet Sizzlin’ Corn, stop reading right now and go get some.  Steamed and brushed in chipotle mayo then grilled and rolled in cotija cheese, this corn on the cob is NOTHING like you have ever tasted. It is THAT good!

 **photo courtesy of Lee Roy Selmon's


Ok, so let me get back to their wings.  I have been to Selmon’s a few times but this was my first time trying their wings and I was excited. They offer two types of wings: Selmon Brother’s Wings and Buffalo Wings. The Buffalo Wings are available in mild, medium, hot and honey BBQ.  I sampled the Selmon Brothers’ and also the Buffalo in both medium and honey BBQ. Let me give you an instant replay.


**photo via my iPhone using the Diptic app


Selmon Brothers’ Wings:

The Selmon Brothers’ Wings are, in my opinion, better than a game winning touchdown. Slow smoked and grilled with their spicy Oklahoma sauce, these wings are phenomenal. I love the fact that these wings are grilled rather than fried and the taste is unbelievable. I took one bite and I looked at my friend and just said, “wow.”  With tender meat that just falls of the bone, these wings are better than a home cooked meal.  I think I will be spending a lot of time with these wings come football season.


 **photo courtesy of Lee Roy Selmon's



Buffalo Wings-Medium:

I like it hot, hot, hot and these wings, although medium, have a nice kick to them.  Many places serve Buffalo Wings but not all impress me.  Lee Roy Selmon’s has another winner with their Buffalo Wings and I really enjoyed them. There is a secret to their sauce which I will never know, but I know why it is secret. The flavor can’t be duplicated and is as unique as the Selmon Brothers’ Wings.


 **photo via my iPhone using the Snapseed App


Buffalo Wings-Honey BBQ:

Oh how I LOVE Honey BBQ! I was excited to see this as an option and after tasting the other wings, I knew these would be outstanding.  Of course, they were wonderful and the BBQ sauce was the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. I wish I could buy this sauce by the bottle because I would put it on everything.  My son, who does not like sauce on his wings, got to try some and he loved them!  He asked when we could go back for more.


  **photo via my iPhone using the Snapseed App


My wing adventure in Tampa Bay has gotten off to a great start.  I was very impressed with the wings at Lee Roy Selmon’s and have a feeling that my search for the “best” wings in Tampa Bay is going to be tough. Be sure to stop by Lee Roy Selmon’s and try some wings and while you are there, try their Sweet Sizzlin’ Corn.  Trust me, you have never tasted anything so good.  Be sure and “like” the Facebook page for Lee Roy Selmon’s so you can keep up to date with specials and new menu items. You can visit their page by clicking here.



I hope you are all having a delicious summer!




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