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Rise and Shine with Datz!

Breakfast, South Tampa

I am not a morning person and the only thing that can get me out of bed, aside from having to go to work of course, is a good meal and a steaming hot cup of coffee. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I have a great spot to get my mornings started off on the right foot. Located in the heart of South Tampa, Datz has long been one of my favorite places and I am excited that they are now serving breakfast weekdays from 7 am till 11am. My children and I have always loved going to Datz for breakfast on the weekends and I am really enjoying their weekday breakfasts. It is the perfect place to have a delicious meal and spend some time planning my day. After breakfast at Datz, I am ready to take on the challenges ahead.

If you are like me and need coffee to jump-start your day, I highly recommend trying their Ginormous Cappuccino or Latte. Made with 22 ounces of locally roasted Kahwa espresso and your choice of steamed whole, skim or soy milk, it is sure to get your day going.

**Ginormous Latte, photo taken with Instagram for iPhone

The breakfast menu at Datz is phenomenal. I am working my way through the menu and trying everything. This past week I tried the Eggs Barbacoa which consists of pulled pork with cilantro, onions and Monterey jack cheese served over corn tortillas and topped with two eggs, homemade New Mexico red chili sauce and southwest rice and beans. I was really drawn to this dish because it reminded me of a breakfast item I would order at a little hole-in-the-wall taqueria back home where I would stop in and have breakfast before attending class at San Jose State. After one bite I was taken back to my fond memories of college and the simple happiness of breakfast at the taqueria. As expected, this dish was phenomenal and the flavors were authentic.

*Eggs Barbacoa, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa

Another favorite on the menu is the Brie Bardot.  A sweet sourdough bun with a fried egg, brie cheese, baby spinach and tomato, this sandwich will make you say ooh la la! On Sundays, I like to pair this with a Bayshore Bubbly, which is champagne spiked with a sugar cube and Fee Brothers Peach Bitters. C’est magnifique!

**Brie Bardot, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa

There is nothing better than a warm English Muffin with melted butter and jam.  Datz has their own signature, ginormous house made English muffins that are served with honey, strawberry jam and butter. I like to pair mine with a cup of Kahwa drip coffee. Delish!


**Housemade English Muffin, photo courtesy of Datz

When it comes to unique breakfast items, Datz doesn’t monkey around! Where else could you get a Breakfast Banana Split? Oh yeah! Vanilla and strawberry yogurt scooped over sliced banana with fresh fruit, whipped cream and granola.  This is a must-try!

**Breakfast Banana Split, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa

Ok, this next item had me at hello…….Mini Monkey Bread!  Since I was a young girl, I would always look forward spending holidays with family and my Aunt Jeanne’s Monkey Bread that was out of this world. I had never been able to find any as good as hers until now. Pull-apart clusters of warm, cinnamon sugar goodness and drizzled with vanilla cream icing, the Mini Monkey Bread at Datz is a sweet way to start your day.

**Mini Monkey Bread, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa

Ok, sometimes we enjoy a few too many cocktails and the morning after can be a bit rough. Datz has the best hangover cure in Tampa: two pieces of sourdough bread grilled with over easy eggs in the hole, melted parmesan cheese and served with hot sauce, breakfast potatoes and your choice of meat.  Several of my friends swear by this! Pair this with a Mimosa, a Shiner Bock Beer or a Datz A Mary and you will be feeling better in no time. If you have not yet tried the Datz A Mary, you are missing out! Nueske’s bacon, cool-n-crunchy celery, rimmed in smoked salt and finished with a shout of stout. 

**The Hangover, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa


**Datz A Mary, photo courtesy of Datz Tampa


To share my love of Datz, I am giving away a meal voucher to a reader. You will get one entry for each of the following:

Comment on this post after you have done the above and each comment will count as an entry.  I will pick a winner on 5/15.

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  1. Jennifer B
    April 30, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Ok, so I won’t enter because I have my own vouchers now!! 🙂 BUT that was one delicious breakfast and I can’t wait to go back and write all about it!

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